US election fraud: Veritas Voter Fraud Compilation – #VoterFraudIsReal

Plus, this article  analyzing the HuffPo flip :

How many non-citizens participate in U.S. elections? More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. Furthermore, some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess, based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.

Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections.


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Thunderf00t: Guess how much US Gov. wasted on Solar Roadways?


Thunderf00t: Solar Roadways, a VERY expensive joke?


Mark Steyn files more court documents

As most of you know, Mark Steyn is a defendant in a lawsuit by the possibly Canuckaphobic (judging by the disproportional number of Canadians among the victims of his lawfare) and reflexively litigious Dr. Michael Mann.

If you’ve been following this (among all the other ‘defamation’ cases), you might be interested in this filing opposing the dismissal of counterclaims.

And, to get you into the mood, here is ‘Hide the Decline – Part 2’ for your listening (and viewing) pleasure:


On 9/11 ‘conspiracy theories’…

I do not like to blog while angry, but, I find it difficult to keep my temper under control…

In the wake of the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade buildings in New York, there are so many idiotic (sorry – that is the only term that fits) claims being made that it makes my blood boil.  Yes, I have said much of what Ithis before, and others have said it better than I – but, it seems to me, it requires re-telling.

Perhaps this time, I will say ir better – more methodically, more clearly…

Here are a few of the true claims people make – but whose significance is constantly misunderstood and misinterpreted by those who claim the 9/11 tragedy is part of a conspiracy by the US government.

Most of these ‘cospiracy theorists’ state:

‘The Government’ knew about the bombers’ plans and ‘let’ 9/11 it happen (on purpose).

To recognize the silliness of this statement, one needs to understand a little bit about the governance structures in large organizations – and, let’s face it, the US Government is a mammoth-sized one!

(I am no ‘governance guru’ – but, during one of my previous ‘professional’ incarnations, I have spent close to a decade evaluating governance in government projects.  I have some limited experience analyzing, evaluating and re-structuring governance, in private, public and non-profit organizations.)

First, one must address the question:  What is ‘the government’?

‘The government’ is an ‘organization made up of organization’s, each with its own agents (civil servants) – and agendas (including institutional and specific problems).  Just because a ‘civil servant A’ in organization ‘B’ gets a piece of information does not mean that ‘civil servants C,D,E…etc’ in other organizations (agencies and/or departments) actually have any inkling  that this bit of information exists – much less have access to it.  If ‘civil servant A’ does not grasp the significance of this isolated piece of information – or has simply not processed it yet, even their supervisor may not become aware of it!


Because information is organized and graded – and only ‘kicked up’ once a certain ‘quantum’ of information/significance has been accumulated.  This is how organizations gather and process information – it they did not, the organization would be crippled by the ‘noise’ of irrelevant information.

I mean the term irrelevant information quite literally – information whose relevance has not been assessed!  Thus, the information is not yet connected to the facts it is relevant to – and before this assessment is made, and made correctly, the information is simply not usable.

If you excuse the tired jigsaw puzzle comparison – it may be used often, but because it is analogous…

Each bit of information is like a 1 million piece jigsaw puzzle being worked on by 1 000 people.  If every puzzle piece picked up by each person is immediately shown to every other person – without regard to its relevance (Is it a corner piece?  Does it have a distinguishing mark on it?) – the process is so chaotic that the puzzle will never be built.

Similarly, just because different people in different branches of the government each had a bit of relevant information does not mean they had the opportunity to fit them together.  Most isolated pieces of information were not relevant enough on their own to ‘pass on’ – even were there no rivalries between various agencies each of which wanted be the one to solve ‘puzzles.  Add to this the realization that most of the various agencies thought they were each working on a separate, limited investigation…  They were simply not even aware that there was a bigger puzzle they should be fitting their bits of information into!

So, yes:  ‘the government’ had all the information – or much of it.

Had all of it been seen by one person who happened to recognize its relevance and how to piece it together, it could potentially have prevented this tragedy from happening.  But there is no evidence that this happened – and much that demonstrated it did not.

It is therefore ridiculous to suggest that, actively or passively, ‘the US Government’ is complicit in the conspiracy to comit this crime!

*   *   *

What the government IS guilty of is trying to look smarter than it was – after the fact.

Individual civil servants/bureaucrats were trying to protect their butts – pretending they were more in control than they were, more competent than they were (individually as well as organizationally).

And the government spokespeople were trying to calm panic among us, the little people, by pretending they were more in control than they were.

Some people believed them!  Then, the lies caught up with them.  That is what made them look guilty…

Let me re-phrase Ockham’s Razor/’the law of parsimony’  as ‘Xanthippa’s second law of human dynamics’:

Never ascribe to ‘conspiracy’ what can better be explained by incompetence!

Conspiracies require secrecy.  Being ‘in’ on a conspiracy makes people feel ‘special’ – and it usually makes them want to tell everyone just how ‘special’ they are.  Not bragging about one’s ‘specialness’ requires self-discipline – something most people sorely lack.

People are simply not good at conspiracies!

This does not mean that conspiracies do not occur – they do.

However, the conspiracies that actually succeed are ones in which a very limited number people is actively involved.  A conspiracy that would encompass even 1% of the people involved in ‘the government’ would be blabbed out long before it could succeed!

Which brings me to the other part of the claim:

Some people in ‘the government’ worked with the attackers


Of course!  But…

When Soviet agents infiltrated Western governments during the cold war, it did not mean that those governments were working FOR the Soviet Union.  Similarly, the Islamists had some people who had infiltrated the US government and were feeding them information/aiding them.

That stands to reason.  It would have been foolish of the terrorists not to cultivate some sources within the US government civil service who, knowingly or not, fed them intelligence.

But it does not mean that the US government itself was directing their actions!

No, they were clueless…or, at best, crippled by political correctness which prevented them from investigating suspect employees from ‘protected’ groups.

And – of course, no government wants to admit that the enemy had penetrated their defences.  Again, both as an organization which would lose credibility and as individual civil servants caught napping on the job, the first instinct is to lie to cover one’s behind.  Individual behinds and the collective behind.

Of course, these lies get exposed – and the lies uttered in order to hide simple incompetence begin to look like ‘the government’ is complicit!

Yes – there are many other claims, many claiming pseudo-scientific sources…  But, upon closer scrutiny, these simply do not stand up.

Between ‘not seeing the big picture’ and ‘lying to cover butts’, the ‘big conspiracy theory’ just doesn’t hold up.

P.S. – It should not even be called ‘theory’ – it is, at best, an unsupported hypothesis.  A far cry from ‘theory’.  When people twist words and overstate their case – like calling a ‘hypothesis’ a ‘theory’ – a large helping of skepticism is called for.  To say the least…

Photos from August 28th at Dalton McGuinty’s constituency office – part 1

Short and sweet – here are the photos.

Debbie Jodoin, one of the two powerhouses behind this protest, had quite an announcement:  She is so angry, she will seek the Conservative nomination to run AGAINST Dalton McGuinty in the next provincial election!

There is more:  Dalton McGuinty is aware that she is seeking the nomination to run against him in his riding.  Perhaps this is unrelated, perhaps not…but, Dalton McGuinty’s EA had sent Ms. Jodoin an email one day before the protest – and to her place of employment, none the less – attempting to intimidate her!

Also, Dalton McGuinty’s lackey clearly stated in the email that ‘freedom of speech’ is a PRIVILEGE she ought not abuse!!! I’ll be making a separate post dedicated to this email, including its full text as soon as I can get it written up.

Shirley Mosley reminded us that three of Dalton McGuinty’s most trusted Ministers are now seeking office in Municipal elections….and that unlike the Ottawa race, Torontonians are not buying ‘Diaper-head’ Slitherman’s bullcrap:

Bart, a WWII veteran who’s coming up to 95 years of age – and who does not like the way the McGuinty Gang are treating Ontario seniors.

Following his speech, Debbie thanked him, all our veterans – and all our members of the Armed Forces.  They have always fought for our rights and freedoms – it is about time we backed them up!

Sharon, from CFRA, also had a few thoughts about the McGuinty gang…  And, she took the local MPP’s to task for not showing up:  this was an abdication of their responsibilities!  The crowd agreed with her wholeheartedly!

Nick Vandergragt was an awesome speaker!

He, too thanked all our vets and the brave men and women of our armed forces:  he gets it!  He truly does!  More on his message later…

Even though the provincial politicians did not show up – shame on them all – many of the candidates for Ottawa municipal elections were present.

Even Harper MacKay was there, pressing licking flesh:

There is so much more to come in part 2.

(If you’d like to receive a higher resolution version of any of the photos – or some other photos taken at the protest today, please, comment on it and I’ll be happy to email them to you.)

Photos from August 7th anti-eco-tax protest in Ottawa part 3: who was there

Yesterday, August 7th, there was a protest against Ontario’s illegal eco-taxes.  I have posted photos from it here and here.  These are some more photos from there, along with a bit more commentary.

The protest was held outside of the Ottawa constituency office of Bob Chiarelli, the Communications Minister in Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government.

Aside from the speakers, whom you can see in part 1, there were other politician and/or would-be politicians.  Even a fellow blogger Blake Batson, was also there – hopefully, he’ll blog his impressions from the protest.

The Ottawa municipal elections are coming this October.  The current front-runner in the race for Mayor is Jim Watson:  a former mayor of Ottawa, who left to join Dalton McGuinty in Queen’s Park just prior to the ‘amalgamation’, where the malaise which had infected tho ‘old’ City of Ottawa under Watson’s reign was imposed on all the neighbouring municipalities as they were gobbled up into one entity.  Now that Bob Chiarelli became unelectable as Ottawa’s mayor, bodymaster McGuinty has swapped Bob and Jim’s roles…  This has certainly

not gone unnoticed, as Shirley Mosley clearly pointed out.

It had also brought out a number of candidates running for City of Ottawa Council in the upcoming elections.  (For ease of reference, here is the official list of all the declared candidates.)

This young man (right) with CFRA’s Rob Snow (left) is Leslie Saintilma, a very pleasant and intelligent guy (at least, that was the impression he left me with from the few minutes we chatted) who is running in Ward 10, Gloucester Southgate.

Interestingly enough, Ward 10, Gloucester Southgate, was represented by not one, but two candidates.  I did not get to chat with Wade Wallace (he was busy helping with Lisa McLeod’s volunteers), but I did snap a pic of him as he was being interviewed by Rogers, the local community channel:

Ward 7, better known as simply Bay Ward, was represented by the very pleasant GJ Hagenaars – whose wife and really cute young son also came (though the pic I took of them did not turn out – sorry).

It is likely I have missed some candidates who were there.  If I did, please, let me know and I’ll update the post with the info!

Still, the municipal candidates were not the only ones there!  Here, Ade Olumide, chair of OTAG (Ottawa Taxpayers’ Advocacy Group) can be seen talking to the gold-expert John Button (OK – I only got a bit of the back of Mr. Button’s head…).

Here is a better picture of John Button, as he was speaking.

Here is a shot of MPP Lisa McLeod, as she is being interviewed.

Talking about Lisa McLeod….  She did something I quite liked.

As is the case with many  ‘watermelons’ (green on the outside, red on the inside) who avoid discussing the merit of initiatives by resorting to ad hominem attacks on their critics, Dalton McGuinty attacked (or, in this case, got Dr. David Suzuki to attack) Lisa McLeod.  Ms. McLeod told the audience about the attack in a story in a newspaper (I didn’t catch the name of which one) which stated that her opposition to the illegal eco taxes meant that she was not ‘eco-friendly’.

Ms. McLeod turned that to her advantage, because sometimes, opposing illegal taxes only means one opposes illegal taxed (my wording). And, she proved it!  She brought a re-usable eco-friendly shopping bag (with her name emblazoned on it) for each and every one there!  As she spoke, a wave of volunteers began handing them out!

There were also some people wearing Lisa McLeod t-shirts who were collecting signatures on a petition against those hated eco-taxes:  apparently, they collected over 350 signatures on the petition at this one protest alone!

And the protest did have impact.  Not only had many more news people showed up for this one (as opposed to the July one)  here are a few people who were walking by and stopped to find out about the protest.

From the young:

to vets (left):

people of all walks of life had a  message for Dalton McGuinty and his government:

OK – here are some more shots:

Debbie and Shirley are planning the NEXT protest for August 28th 2010 at Dalton McGuinty’s Ottawa constituency office.  If you don’t like being taxed to death – legally and illegally – I’ll see you there!

UPDATE:  Blake Batson at PerspectivesOttawa has also posted photos from the protest – in the background of one of them is little old me!