Another eco-tax protest planned for Saturday, 7th of August in Ottawa

When:  Saturday, 7th of August, 2010, 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

Where: Bob Chiarelli’s constituency office at 2249 Carling Avenue (near Woodroffe), Ottawa

Why:  Bob Chiarelli, the Communication Minister – let’s communicate!!!

17th of July, 2010 saw a protest in front of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s office, as Ontario residents were outraged that the Ontario Government had permitted an industry organization to levy direct taxes on the populace.

The industry organization is called Stewardship Ontario (not to be confused with the Government initiative called Ontario Stewardship).  The taxes this industry organization has been permitted to levy on the citizens of Ontario is called ‘eco-fees’.

Pictures from the rally can be seen here and here, more on the eco-fees is here and here.

The July demonstration – along with other pressure – had succeeded.  At least a little bit…

Most (not all) of the eco-fees had been temporarily stopped.  But, the Ontario Government – the same one 3 of whose departments are being investigated by the rackets division of RCMP is planning to re-introduce these fees in a different, better-hidden form in October of this year.


Chances are, not so much…

Here is a chance to send a message to the McGuinty government that  permitting industry to tax us – openly or in hidden ways – is unacceptable.  The same folks who organized the July demonstration are at it again:  there will be a demonstration in front of Bob Chiarelli’s constituency office this coming Saturday, 7th of August, at noon.

In my never humble opinion, Bob Chiarelli is the slimiest, most contemptible politician in Ottawa (which is filled with a lot of politicians), even when Dalton McGuinty is in town….  But, I know many people who like him even less than I do.  Still, that is not the point of this demonstration.  The illegal eco-taxes are.

The protest is organized by Shirley (sorry, I did not catch her last name), and I have heard about it on the radio (CFRA).  So, this is all I know about it.  If you have more information, please, let me know and I will update this post with it!

If you will be in Ottawa on Saturday – see you there!

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