The ‘Silver Revolution’?!?!?

What is this ‘Silver Liberation Army’?

A peaceful, law-abiding way to wage a revolution?  They say:

“Crash J.P. Morgan – buy lots of silver!”

This is looking interesting…


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One Response to “The ‘Silver Revolution’?!?!?”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    I think I smell a rat.

    I would be a lot more comfortable with this if this weren’t being driven by Max Keiser. Keiser is a showman – one who knows that money is the greatest show on Earth. And like his predecessor, P.T. Barnum, he also knows that there is a sucker born every minute.

    He is affiliated with Press TV, Russia Today, Al-Jazeera and The Huffington Post. These guys are all watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside).

    Keiser says that J.P. Morgan are short on silver. Are they? Keiser gives no evidence. If they are, then certain others must be on the long side of those contracts, and those others stand to profit hugely if Keiser succeeds in his bid to use his media followers to corner the silver market. So… who are these individuals?

    Who’s long on silver?

    Is it Goldman Sachs? If so, are they any less evil than J.P. Morgan? They are, after all, the premier financiers of watermelons. And it was, after all, Goldman Sachs who precipitated the last financial collapse by pulling the rug out from under Lehman Brothers. And Hank Paulson was Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, just before becoming the Treasury Secretary who presided over the collapse we’re still trying to recover from.

    Or is it, perhaps, Karmabanque? Karmabanque is a hedge fund started by none other than Max Keiser, for the purpose of profiting from the destruction of companies which are “susceptible to boycott from environmental groups.” A quintessential watermelon financial play. And a very interesting venture for someone like Keiser, who is uniquely positioned to create and/or manipulate such groups. Karmabanque wouldn’t actually have to go long on silver to make a killing, just short on J.P. Morgan.

    On the Silver Liberation Army web site, there is a promotional video, a bunch of empty but highly inflammatory language, an offer to sell silver medallions with Keiser’s face on them (!), an advertisement for a broker that sells American Eagles (U.S. silver dollars), and an exhortation to register and join the S.L.A., with the explanation that “S.L.A. Members Gain Instant Access to the Sale of the new Official M.O.M. Bullion.” Whatever that is.

    And a picture of Max Keiser, captioned “King Keiser” of all things!

    That’s it. Not one scrap of actual information that might support the claim that buying silver will actually bring down J.P. Morgan, or that bringing down J.P. Morgan will actually “stop the corrupt banksters in their tracks,” or have any other beneficial effect whatsoever.

    There is not one shred of evidence that this campaign, if it works, will do anything beyond finishing the financial demolition job that Goldman Sachs started in 2008.

    Most importantly, there is not one word about what can or should replace the global economic system if we do succeed in tearing it down.

    Tearing it down is the easy part. Replacing it with something better takes a little more thought, and a lot more preparation.

    Otherwise, we will end up sitting powerless in the ruins of the world’s economy, while the globalist plutocrats swoop in for the kill.

    And implement a New World Order much worse than the one these S.L.A. simpletons think they are fighting against.

    Yes, there is a disturbingly suggestive odour coming off that web site…

    Xanthippa says:

    Yes, CodeSlinger, EXACTLY!!!

    I must admit – I thought you would have fun with this one…

    And, I suspect you know my views well enough by now that if anyone claims to promote ‘a revolution without violence, completely within the laws’, I will be – shall we say – more than highly skeptical! ROFL skeptical…

    Revolutions, by definition, break laws.

    And yes, you immediately picked up on the coins. Very telling.

    It would be funny – it it weren’t so sad…

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