Tarek Fatah exposes Ignatieff’s and the Liberal Party’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

From Tarek Fatah on Facebook:


The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) designated by the US Justice Department and the FBI as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, is partnering with the Liberal Party and Michael Ignatieff to host a fundraising event for liberal candidate Omar AlGhabra in Mississauga tonight.

As if this link alone was not troublesome, ICNA is making no secret of their association with both Ignatieff and AlGhabra. In a mass e-mail burst, ICNA head A. Qayyum Mufti wrote:

“Please help Omar AlGhabra reach the the parliament once again. Support him in his campaign by volounteering, financially, and inviting others. Join him this Monday to kick start his 2011 election campaign.”

For the uninitiated, ICNA follows the ideology of the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan and the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Albanna. The spiritual head of ICNA is the late Syed Maududi who was once sentenced to death for his role in the pogroms aimed at liquidating the Ahmaddiya Muslims in Pakistan in 1952.

How on earth will the leader of the Liberal Party Michael Ignatieff explain why he got himself in bed with ICNA? Well, if Rob Oliphant can have lunch with a pro-Taliban politician Imran Khan, then ICNA promoting a liberal candidate should be no big surprise.




Head over to his page – he has more!


The ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares’ event

Tuesday evening, the Free Thinking Film Society presented ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares’.

It was a memorable evening.

I hesitate to say ‘good’, because even though the speakers were engaging and informative, all the people were pleasant (with only minor exceptions, hardly worth mentioning) and everything was well 0rganized – even the Ottawa Police were friendly and effective – the very fact that the events discussed during this evening happened is deeply troubling.

Here is a taste of what the evening was like:

There was a lot of food for thought there, that evening, and I am still not done thinking it all through – I am a slow thinker.  I will write more about this.

The one thing that I learned coming from the evening was this:  The ‘bad guys’ here were not ‘The Natives’ – a few residents there misbehaved at the beginning, true, but as soon as there was conflict which the OPP refused to police, militants from all over, of all races and colours, traveled to the 6 Nations land and robbed, raped and otherwise oppressed the  Native residents.  ‘The Natives’ were just as stuck as Caledonia residents.  The OPP refused to help all of them.

The only ones whom the OPP protected were the militants.  Yes, some of the militants were Natives.  But most of the Natives from 6 Nations were not militants and most of the militants were not from the 6 Nations!

Had the OPP done their job at the beginning, the militants would not have sensed weakness and set up camp in Caledonia.  None of this would have happened!

Marie Trainer, who was the Mayor for Haldimand county during these events, gave the most moving speech of the evening.  It really brought home just how helpless and abandoned the people – both on the Caledonia/Haldimand county side and on the 6 Nations Reservation side.

One could see just how responsible she felt for her people, how heavily this weighed on her.

She told us an interesting story.

A number of illegal smoke shacks had sprung up in the area.  These sell cigarets which have not passed any safety controls, and they sell cigarets to minors.  Marie Trainer worked together with the 6 Nations Council to shut down the two smoke shacks on the County property and the two smoke shacks on the 6 Nations land.  Now, only the 2 shacks on land owned by the Province of Ontario (controlled by the militants) remained.  A representative from 6 Nations and Marie Trainer together went to the Province, asking for action to be taken to shut these illegal smoke shacks which sold tainted cigarettes to minors – to no avail.  The Province of Ontario refused to take action to help them!


Nigel Farage: Van Rompuy must apologise over Gaddafi meeting

If looks could kill, I do believe ‘Old Rumpy’ would have to have been charged with murder….

VictimlessCriminal: “iPhone Gay Cure App”


May 20th, 2011 is International Draw Muhammad Day 2.

May 21st, 2011 in Armageddon Day, according to many thousands of Christians.

If you would like to send in contributions for International Draw Muhammad Day, please do.  I’ll save them up for publication on May 20th.

Reminder – Caledonia: No More Nightmares

A quick reminder that tomorrow night (22nd of March, 2011), the ‘Caledonia:  No More Nightmares’ presentation is coming to the National Archives Library on Wellington Street.  From ‘The Free Thinking Film Society’:

The Free Thinking Film Society  & The International Free Press Society Announce
Caledonia: No More Nightmares

The Free Thinking Film Society and the International Free Press Society are proud to present an evening on Caledonia.

This four-part presentation by Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas – two longtime Caledonia ‘rule of law’ activists who provided a significant portion of the evidence and background for Christie Blatchford’s shocking book Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed Allof Us begins with an introduction to the crisis from the victims’ perspective, and then picks up where Helpless leaves off by examining the national issues at stake; the racial corruption of the justice system by police and government; and concludes with concrete recommendations for moving forward.

* How the Ontario government subverted the Charter of Rights and its own Police Services Act by conducting an illegal ‘peacekeeping’ mission on Canadian soil and misleading the public about its use of the Ipperwash Inquiry’s recommendations to justify its policy of refusing to protect non-natives.

* How the Ontario government and OPP repeatedly attacked the character and motivations of non-native rule of law activists, but remained completely silent about the critical role played by anarchists and anti-Israel groups in supporting native crime groups in Caledonia and Brantford for their own anti-capitalist objectives since May 2006.

* How aboriginals, too, have been untended victims of policing policies that allow illegal occupation sites to become lawless ‘home-free zones’ for rape, assault, arson, drug use and gun violence.

* How the Ontario government interfered with Caledonia policing, and used the OPP to target non-native activists.

* How the Attorney General stopped a terrorism charge from proceeding against a native blockade ringleader.

* How OPP officers, including senior brass, intervened with reference letters in order to attempt to obtain reduced sentences for native protesters and/or ensure charges against them – including several for assaulting police officers – were not laid at all.

* How the former OPP Commissioner met and joked with native protesters at a meeting on Six Nations called to seek his help in eliminating criminal charges, but refused the Haldimand mayor’s request to meet with Caledonia’s most aggrieved non-native victims.

* How native radicals use vexatious land claims to create instant government payouts for themselves while opening the door to legalized lawlessness.

* How OPP officers, while secretly under the direction of native ringleaders, broke Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) protocols during a Dec 01/07 protest by residents at an illegal smokeshack — which was selling cigarettes to the town’s children – during which non-natives and police officers were repeatedly assaulted and some sent to hospital – including one who suffered a permanent brain injury.

McHale and Vandermaas will conclude with a discussion of their proposed ‘Caledonia Act’ – a list of specific legislative and policy recommendations based on their combined eight years experience working as full time volunteers to confront race-based policing in and outside the courts.

In today’s ‘post-Helpless’ search for answers to the question, Where do we go from here?’ McHale and Vandermaas set out a realistic healing process for Caledonia and Six Nations that is founded, not on the demands and appeasement of radicals, but on time-tested concepts of truth, justice, equality, and respect for all human beings irrespective of race, religion or grievance.

All guests will receive a copy of the presenters’ ‘Caledonia Act’ recommendations as well as a DVD containing just a small fraction of the evidence at their disposal – 600+ files consisting of documents, photos, and videos as submitted to Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice by Mr. McHale in his defence against a $7.1M SLAPP suit (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) filed by the Ontario Provincial Police Association in 2007 against him after he claimed police officers were not upholding their oaths of office in Caledonia.

Signed copies of Christie Blatchford’s Helpless will be available for sale.

This event should not be missed by any Canadian politician or policy researcher who cares about one of the most important issues facing Canada today – the preservation of our country’s rule of law in the face of extremist factions seeking to destroy cherished Canadian values for their own selfish ends.

Who will be at Caledonia:  No More Nightmares 

Gary McHale

Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

In 2006, Gary McHale created CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com in response to the failure of media to accurately report the facts of Caledonia. The site now has more than 14,000 news stories and documents read by over one million visitors, and Gary has been interviewed more than 700 times by journalists across Canada.

In 2007 Gary formed Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality to oppose race-based policing in Ontario. His quest has resulted in numerous death threats, and denial of legal counsel and rental accommodations out of fear of reprisals by aboriginal protesters.

Gary spent a night in jail without charge for wanting to raise a Canadian flag, and was later forced to defend himself against what Christie Blatchford called a ‘bizarre’ charge of ‘counselling mischief not committed’ which was withdrawn after two senior OPP officers were charged with Obstructing Justice.

Blatchford’s Helpless, which lays out irrefutable evidence proving the OPP did, indeed, follow racially-based orders not to uphold the rule of law in Caledonia, acknowledges the assistance Gary and wife Christine provided to the author.
Mark Vandermaas

Caledonia Victims Project

Mark Vandermaas is a former Canadian soldier and UN peacekeeper. After his arrest on Dec 16, 2006 with Gary McHale while attempting to raise a Canadian flag, Mark put his career as a real estate broker on hold to work as a full time ‘rule of law’ activist.

He was the leader of the 2007 Ipperwash Papers project, and has written more than 400 Caledonia-related articles for his blog VoiceofCanada.ca.

In 2010 Mark started the Caledonia Victims Project to begin organizing the key evidence and background information which will be needed by post-Helpless policy researchers.  He and Gary are co-founders of the HelplessByBlatchford project – a resource created to educate Canadians about the many important issues raised by the Caledonia crisis.

Merlyn Kimrade (Caledonia Resident)

Merlyn Kinrade has lived more than 60 years of his life in Caledonia. He is a former member of the Royal Canadian Navy who served on one of the most famous ships in Canadian naval history, HMCS Haida. His service included a tour of duty in Egypt on a United Nations peacekeeping mission during the 1956 Suez crisis. He has a long history of contributions to the children of Caledonia and Six Nations through sports sponsorship and coaching. For the last four years he has – as a co-founder of CANACE – Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality – worked with Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas, and others from his community to end race-based policing in Ontario.

Jeff Parkinson

Jeff Parkinson is a co-founder of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality and is the organization’s Director of Multi-media Production. His uncanny instincts with his video camera have proven invaluable in gathering crucial evidence used in private prosecutions, and in the defence of falsely accused rule-of-law activists. With assistance from CANACE co-founder Gary McHale Jeff made legal history by winning two important Ontario Superior Court rulings related to the right of citizens to file private prosecutions in the cases of R. v. Parkinson 2008 and 2009. He will be introducing a video summary of ‘The Ernie Palmer Story‘ – taken from his 8-part interview with a Caledonia resident who was intimidated into allowing an illegal smokeshack on his property.

Doug Fleming (Caledonia Resident)

Doug Fleming has lived in Caledonia all his life, and grew up with many friends on Six Nations. He has been active in opposing the lawlessness in his town, and once even set up his own illegal smoke shack in front of an OPP station under the name ‘Doug’s Smokes’ in an unsuccessful attempt to get arrested in order to dramatize police refusal to enforce the law against the blight of native-run smokeshacks selling contaminated, un-taxed tobacco products to the town’s children. Doug’s brother Randy is one of the four people arrested by the OPP for walking down the street with a Canadian flag. Both Randy and Doug were protrayed in artist Barb Patterson-Tuck’s 2008 award-winning depiction of the Caledonia crisis entitled ‘Caught in the Middle.’

Marie Trainer

Former mayor of Haldimand County

Mayor Trainer’s family has lived in Haldimand County since the early 1800’s. She married the “the boy next door” and together they ran a successful business — Hagersville Tire Service — for 25 years.  Marie lost her husband in 1979 and was left to raise three boys (who were 5, 7 and 11 at the time), run a business and take care of a cow/calf/beef operation alone.

She was asked in 1985 by the Hagersville Chamber of Commerce to run for Council. Voted in, Marie was then asked three years later to run for Regional Councillor. Voted in, three years later, she ran for Mayor and again was chosen by the people of Haldimand. Marie was Mayor for 16 years and on council for a total of 22 years.

Mary Lou Ambrogio

Mary Lou Ambrogio is the Vice President of the Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization  whose mission is to promote free speech principles across Canada and the world at large, through seminars, conferences, books, film and music. The society defends individuals and organizations that are being persecuted for having stood up for free speech. IFPS-Canada’s accomplishments include bringing Ann Coulter, Philippe Karsenty, Kurt Westegaard and Bat Ye’or to Canada.

About Free Thinking Film Society
The Free Thinking Film Society was established in 2007 in Ottawa to provide an outlet for filmmakers and moviegoers alike who are looking for an alternative to the ‘alternative’. In other words, we celebrate the efforts of risk-taking documentarians whose work espouses the values of limited, democratic government, free market economies, equality of opportunity rather than equality of result, and the dignity of the individual, all underscored by a healthy and patriotic respect for Western culture and traditions. Although there are a lot of courageous voices in the non-fiction film industry producing thoughtful pieces of art which reject cultural relativism, central economic planning and American culpability for all that ills the world, you wouldn’t know it by looking at the listings for most art house cinemas. We’re dedicated to changing that by bringing these exciting and challenging documentaries to Canada’s capital.


About The International Free Press Society
The International Free Press Society-Canada, is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote free speech principles across Canada and the world at large, through seminars, conferences, books, film and music. Among our values and goals is the desire to broaden debate on important issues by exposing people to a diversity of views in a variety of settings.


Free Thinking Film Society
Frederick Litwin

BCF: silencing Jason Kenny – ‘Security Concerns’ are the next ‘Shut up, Slave!’ euphemism

Blazing Cat Fur has the story on how an MP – and a cabinet minister to boot – was effectively  shut up by cries of ‘security concerns’.  No matter that he was willing to provide his own security at his speech…

“Not good enough! Shut up, Slave!!!”

The earthquake in Japan: Thunderf00t’s message and my rant

Thunderfoot is right:  Japan HAD prepared for earthquakes.

They lead the world in practical applications of the principles science discovers on how to build in earthquake zones.  If this natural disaster had struck in a less technological and science-focused country, the death toll would be several magnitudes larger.

Which does not mean that it is somehow ‘negligable’, or that the human suffering the people of Japan, in Japan, their families and friends are experiencing is in any way less worthy of our help!

Just to drive the point home….

When I first started blogging, I came across a blog by a guy named Robert Evans.  He was an Anglo (don’t know which English-speaking country he came from) who went to Japan to teach English for a year – then two, then three….  He fell in love with the country, the language, the people.

In fact, he was a budding writer who had oodles of potential.  I know, because after reading his blog, I was spellbound by his writing style and commented often.  He had since shut down that blog, and the next one he started, but, every now and then, we would converse on Google’s instant messanger:  mostly discussing linguistics.

Robert was in love with the English language, as I am.  The big difference between us was that for him, it was his 1st language while for me, English is either 2nd, 4th or 7th language (depending on how you count this).  So, even though I am not familiar with Japanese, I do see some of the things which might appear ‘obvious’ to a ‘native Anglo’ but which are not if you have to learn the English language later on in life….

No, we were never close friends (not even ‘internet buddies’) – but we did have a few very ‘interesting chats’.

Last I knew, Robert Evans was teaching English on one of the islands located in the North-East of Japan.

I wonder if he was there, when the earthquake struck.

I wonder if he is OK!

Yeah, I know – I am a sap.  But if I am this upset about not knowing the fate of someone I kind-of knew through the internet, who might not even have been in the danger zone any longer, is any indication of the worry that people DO go through worrying about loved ones whom they KNOW to have been in the area hit by the earthquake and whose fate is still unknown….well, I get the picture!

My thoughts and best wishes are with everyone affected by this natural disaster!

As for religious (or secular dogmatic) idiots who want to use this human suffering as a propaganda vehicle (or self-righteousness thingy, like the idiot-chick in Thunderf00t’s video, or the dumb-asses who claimed the Haiti earthquake was because women in the West did not wear hijabs or burkas or some similar religious drivel – or the morons trying to draw any sort of association between this earthquake and global warming):



VictimlessCriminal: Islamist Take-away or Take-over

Bill Whittle: ‘Obama’s Friends and Enemies’