BlazingCatFur chats with an Islamic leader…

Geert Wilders and Ezra Levant come to Ottawa!

When:  Tuesday, 10th of May, 2011, 7pm

Where:  Ottawa

Cost:  $20.00

There is also a pre-event, which costs $250.00, before the speaking one – but I suspect this is too expensive for us regular mortals…

More info is here – including info about evenings in London, Ontario (8th of May, 2011) and Toronto, Ontario (9th of May, 2011).

Update:  this post has been modifed regarding the location of the event.

Before you vote – or evaluate the nex political opinion poll…

Perhaps a little pessimistic….

…perhaps a little time-consuming….

…perhaps only part of the truth….

…but, something we should all see before we vote!  (And, before we evaluate the next political opinion poll….)

Part 1...23…and 4.

VladTepes: Dancing in the Streets…