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GoDaddy is a company that hosts domain names.  (If you have trouble remembering them, their most memorable ads show Danica Patrick, a race car driver, claiming she is a ‘GoDaddy girl’.)  GoDaddy also vocally suported SOPA – the oppressive Stop Online Piracy Act  that would not only give the US government unprecedented warantless surveilance powers but would also extend their legal reach far beyond their borders, violationg (among others) Canadian territorial jurisdiction.

(Yes, SOPA would actually give the US government the power to warantlessly monitor all internet communication in domains within the North American sector, including all internal emails of the Canadian government.  And that is just the tip of the proverbial ice-berg…  It is being presented as a copyright protection act, but the way it is written will do little to protect copyright while givving unprecedented tools of oppression into the hands of US government and select large corporations.)

So, GoDaddy says it could not understand why good, law-abiding people would not support SOPA…

Reddit was not impressed:  SOPA will definitely cause injury to the online community – so adding an insult to it did not strike Reddit as cricket.  They called for a boycot of GoDaddy and advocated that people move their domains to other sites.

The news spread through the online community like wildfire!

Immediatelly, these ‘other sites’ publicly announced their opposition to SOPA – and began offering ‘special deals’ for domains being moved from GoDaddy to themselves.

GoDaddy has announced that it no longer supports SOPA…

Is it a case of too little, too late?

It is nice to see that regular people can indeed have an impact.

And let’s hope the anti-SOPA momentum keeps building!