Learning the wrong lesson from a tragedy

Today marks a dark anniversary:  the massacre at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.

A truly dark day in history.

Many people marked it by attending memorials, including on Parliament Hill.

No, I will not go into a rant about the fact that we were not told back then, nor are any current mainstream news coverages of the anniversary even mentioning that Mark Lepin’s murderous rampage was inspired by his Islamic beliefs – if I do, I’ll get stuck on this and never get to my main point:

All those protesters on Parliament Hill, all those propagandists who are continuously politicizing this massacre (without accurately and honestly describing it) for their own advantage – all the media whipping up the anti-gun hysterics – are drawing the wrong conclusion from this horrible tragedy!

This must be challenged!

Some of these protesters are saying that if another woman gets shot ever again, their blood will be on the hands of those who scrapped the long gun registry.


Guns are the great equalizers!!!

Even a small, frail woman can protect herself from a large attacker with a gun and a bit of training.

Would 14 women really have been massacred at Ecole Polytechnique if each and every one of them had been armed at the time of Lepin’s attack?

And, please, consider the following:  during the attack, Lepin’s gun jammed and he had to clear it.  Yet, while his gun was not functional, nobody tackled him – though they could have.  If they had, many lives would have been saved.

So, why didn’t anyone tackle him?

Because we have been inculcated with an irrational fear of guns.

I am not saying that fearing guns is irrational in and of itself – rather, that the level of fear with which we, urbanites, treat guns is irrational.

There is a remedy: each and every adult should be taught basic gun use and safety.  It should be part of every person’s education, just like learning to drive is. (Remember, in Canada, cars ‘kill’ way more people than guns do!)

And while I am not advocating that each and every person should be legally mandated to always carry a loaded weapon in public, ready to use at all times, I think it is reasonable that we demand that each and every educator do so. After all, we entrust them with the care of our children – they ought to have the means and ability to protect them.

Even with the best police response times,  a gunman who enters a school will have ample time to massacre students.  What is the current mandated response?  Lock students in their classrooms, turning them into sitting ducks and ensuring that it is easier for the villain to find her/his intended target.

Consider how much safer our children – all students – would be if every teacher would be able and ready to offer armed resistance!!!

So, let’s demand of ourpoliticians that they pass a law making it mandatory for each and every teacher to be trained in the use of firearms and to be fully armed at all times while at work!  It’s the only logical lesson to be learned from this horrible, horrible tragedy.

A Biblical ‘Mathematical’ Puzzle

Lately, I have found myself pondering (and writing about) topics that are more ‘philosophical’ than ‘political’:  perhaps this is an indulgence, but it does ‘recharg my batteries’, so to speak!

The fourth birthday of my blog is coming up and, being in the ‘philosophical’ state of mind, I have thought back to some of the early posts I have made.

One post (in two parts) which I keep thinking back to is a Biblical ‘Mathematical’ puzzle I presume to have solved:  and I would be curious if my current readers have some views about my proposed solution – interpretation of the exceedingly long lives of early Biblical Patriarchs!

The ‘puzzle’ is presented here.  Please, read it first and consider it.

My proposed ‘solution’ is here.

Thoughts, comments, ideas?