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Jewish Defence League on Freedom of Speech and Section 13

BlogWrath has the full press release:

“The Roth Institute report is one more worrying reminder that anti-Semitism, the congenital disease afflicting the Jewish people, has metastasized. This new strain is particularly conducive to the currently dominant multicultural environment, especially in western Europe.”

This is a very serious problem which all free-thinkers must tackle.

The whole press release is well worth a read.

Aspie Christmas humour

All right,  properly should have posted this on the 8th of December, but…

…it’s still in the spirit of the Christmas season!

(Thanks to WordPress’s most awesome ‘improvements’ to their embedding process, it looks that the best I can do for now is to link to the comic instead… apologies!)

North Korean dictator – also dead

What is it these days…

Yes – that is the question…exactly who is in power over there:  the undisciplined son or someone else?

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