Halal Meat Certification Funds Islamic Terrorists

There is a simple thing each and every one of us can do:  whenever we purchase meat or meat products or meals that contain meat, we should ask the seller to certify that this meat was never halal-slaughtered.

If they cannot, don’t buy it.

It may be a little bit of an inconvenience to us, but, you can rest assured that the merchants will supply what customers are asking for.  Unless there are more people asking for meat which is certified to be non-halal-slaughtered than people asking for halal-certified meat, the meat in stores and restaurant will surely become mostly halal-slaughtered.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease…so, let’s start squeaking!


3 Responses to “Halal Meat Certification Funds Islamic Terrorists”

  1. Peter Says:

    The above is just racism and xenophobia. Multiculturalism is all about learning about other cultures. Doesn’t the author understand the huge cultural benefits we get from learning how to kill animals in a cruel rather than humane way? And then there are the benefits of stoning adulterers, killing the cartoonists and authors one doesn’t like (something Hitler and Stalin used to do). The benefits of Islamic culture are endless.

  2. The Phantom Says:

    Halal slaughtering is unnecessarily brutal and in addition is completely pointless, Canada being a -Christian- nation and all. I wouldn’t advocate going so far as to ban Halal slaughter because that would be Liberal stupidity, its none of my business what some guy wants to do with his personal food animals.

    However the practice should properly be frowned upon for anything other than specialty butchers supplying the SMALL specialty population that cares a damn about Halal, the same as things are for Kosher products.

    There’s no way Canada Packers should be Halal, you ask me. And being a customer of Canada Packers, they damn well should ask me.

    Xanthippa says:

    We do have standards for how even food animals are treated: and, yes, we do have anti-animal cruelty laws that extend to food animals.

    Canada is a secular country – there is no room for tolerating animal cruelty in the name of any religion: halal or kosher or anything else!

  3. vickie zaccardo Says:

    Can you direct me to some proofs of halal proceeds funding terrorism? not saying i don’t believe it..just looking for references to cite.

    Xanthippa says:

    Point de Bascule (who had done the original investigative reporting on this) has some excellent info on this – including charts and links. They even have translated the material into English: this link is to a summary article of theirs which is itself full of links to support and document their claim.

    Here is an excellent org chart.

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