V3: Swedish researchers uncover key to China’s Tor-blocking system

Pretty soon, not just China but just about all national and supra-national governments will build firewalls in order to disarm its citizenry by denying them access to accurate information.  Whether this is done in the name of anti-piracy/IP protection or for security concerns, this frontal assault on the freedom of the internet is only going to become stronger.

That is why it is essential that we employ all tools available to us to protect ourselves and the free flow of information amongst peoples!

Of course, the more strategies we have, the longer we can hold them off – the more ways to circumvent we find – the better our future will be.

Which is why the following story is both interesting and important:

‘It has been long-known that the ‘Great Firewall Wall of China’ has attempted to block citizens from using the Tor network, by blocking access to some IP addresses or using HTTP header filters to weed out suspect traffic.

But Philipp Winter and Stefan Lindskog of Karlstad University in Sweden have discovered that Chinese authorities have recently increased the sophistication of their filtering tools, making it more difficult for citizens to browse the web freely, by blocking so-called Tor bridges.’

‘The researchers were able to show that by using so-called packet fragmentation tools, which split TCP streams in to small segments, it is possible to disguise Tor traffic, making it harder to detect.’

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