A bully is a bully is a bully…

How can anyone regard this man as ‘electable’?!?!?

Amid reports of how, as a teen, Mitt Romney had his friends hold a younger student down while he (Mitt) cut off his (the younger boy’s) long hair, Romney says he’s sorry, he didn’t know  the younger boy was gay….

The incident was told to the newspaper independently by five students, one who said that Romney, the son of then-Michigan governor George Romney, had it out for a younger boy because of his long bleached-blond hair.’

He didn’t know the boy was gay?!?!?

What kind of an apology is that?!?!?

So, it would have been all right to get a gang together and assault younger students, as long as they were not gay?

If you are the type of person who would do this – to anyone – you are exhibiting some seriously psychopathic behaviour.  When you couple this with his documented animal cruelty, there should be no doubt that this man is not fit for public office of any kind!

Are the Republicans actively trying to get Obama re-elected?

6 Responses to “A bully is a bully is a bully…”

  1. Brian Says:

    Do you honestly think that personally assaulting a gay man would cause anyone to lose support among conservatives? If anything, this will cause tea partiers to rally around him.

    Xanthippa says:

    Honestly – yes, I do.

    Aside from the tribalists who plague every political group – and whom I personally loath – many of the ‘little-c’ conservatives I know are strong law-and-order people who consider the rule of law to be a very serious matter. These people would not be likely to condone assault, especially by a group of people targetting a weaker/younger/smaller individual.

    As for the ‘religious right’ – don’t bait me, please, or I’ll rant on for ever in utter frustration….

    However, the frustration I was feeling while writing this post was with the behind-the-scenes Republican ‘machine’ which has consistently pushed Romney to the forefront: these people are supposed to be savvy political operators who vett the candidates so as to pick ones political enough to appeal to their party members yet neutral enough to appeal to undecided voters. Yet, it seems that election after election, these people seem unable to find anyone even remotely suitable – I mean, do you seriously think that the last ticket was votable-for? Or that Bush was a person who should have been in office?

    I mean, what are these clowns doing?

    How is a bi-party system supposed to work when one party consistently fails to present a credible candidate? No wonder a slimy idealogue like Obama is sitting in the White House!

    Unless, of course, the Republican Nomination ‘Machine’ is run by the Democrats…which seems the only plausible explanation, really.

    I’m not as familiar with the US political scene as I am with the Canadian one, but, if it were up to me, I’d nominate Thomas Sowell….

  2. Derek Says:

    To make it clear, I’m indifferent and nuetral on Romney at this point, but people seem to be eating up this story like meatloaf.


    1. This was a LONG time ago. You know very well how facts can distort themselves over time.
    2. There is no real solid evidence on it. It’s just one person’s account

    How convienient too? This came right after Obama’s announcement to support gay rights.

    Romney was in the spotlight for over ten years. If it were really imperative for the public to know, this story would have happened earlier.

    If we held everybody to what they did at age 15, the world would be radically different place.

    Romney is being rational to downplay the story. Anyone else would do the same thing in the situation.

    Why? Because issues like the economy and national defense matters more to me than petty news cycle incidents like this.

    Xan says:
    The reason this matters is because it speaks to the fundamental makeup of Romney as a human being: this is the stuff that is at the core and cannot be changed by ‘growing up’, only better masked.

    If Romney had done something stupid or simply immature, it would be one thing. Same with if he had done something ignorant. Why? We grow up and learn – these things are correctable.

    But to get together a gang of people and use them to victimize someone smaller and weaker when they are alone and overpowered – that requires a specific mental make-up. People who would behave in such a way at any point in their life, derivig pleasure from causing the suffering of others – including during their childhood – can never be trusted in any positions of authority becasue they are, deep down, sadists.

    And this is not one person coming up with a story – this is 5 people coming forward with it, the members of the gang that Romney lead and who are ashamed of having been a part of it. And it is confirmed by the victim’s family, though they deny he was gay.

    Romney himself says he does not remember it, but thinks it probably happened: this very strongly implies that this particular incident may not have stuck in his memory because he used to do things like this often.

    Remember, Romney himself has said that.

    That makes this not just ‘one story’, but self-admitted evidence of consistent pattern of psychopathic behaviour by Romeny.


    As an adult, he has a documented history of animal cruelty.

    How does this not raise every red flag there is?

    This matters to the debate because if he becomes POTUS, Romney will make decisions which affect the well-being of many people – American or not.

    To place a sadistic psychopath with documented indifference to the suffering of others – even those he claims to care about, like Seamus – into such a decision-making position is not likely to have a positive outcome.

    • Brian Says:

      Like I said…. conservatives could care less if their candidate brutally assaulted a gay man.

      Xan says:

      Like I said…. as far as a majority of them is concerned, I disagree.

      I suspect that for most of them, the question is if what Obama’s past actions are even worse.

      Which is a valid question, the answer to which is by no means clear.

      • Brian Says:

        Oh yes…. I forgot you are a birther. Who knows what that crazy foreign Kenyan Muslim did before the Illuminati started flouridating his water in order to turn him into the perfect Manchurian candidate. Because, as I’m sure you are aware, once one’s bodily fluids and the purity of their essence is corrupted, anything can happen.

        Xan says:

        On the topic of Obama’s birth: I agree with Dan Hannan’s assessment that all the evidence suggests that Obama was born in Brussels!

    • Derek Says:

      I’m probably going to sit out this election and not vote, that is unless one of the two candidates prove himself to be significantly worse than the other.

      Xan says:

      The absence of a positive choice of whom to vote for is why so many people – US, Canada an the rest of the ‘Western’ world – are disengaged in the political process.

      Yet, the more good people become disengaged, the less likely it is that the situation will improve.

      I don’t know how to solve this…but suspect that independent candidates are the ay to go to break this hold parties have on controlling the political process.

      • derek Says:

        well, in canada, third parties actually have SOME chance and get more than 1% of the vote.

        in the U.S. all the third parties combined get less than 1%. As you probably know Ross Perot in 1992 was third party got 20% of the popular vote but no electoral votes. He was a nut, but still the point remains.

        honestly, I have respect for the presidency. and i have more respect for barack obama than romney, republicans, democrats, and even most of the public. i may even vote for him. this is a democracy and the only reason we have dumb laws is because we have dumb people. i generally support incumbents in elections because their decisions have consequences unlike some people who can talk and say things without having any vested responsibility.

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