Young people…

Young people…

Wonderous creatures, arent’t they?

Today, the day after Labour Day, is the ‘going back to school’ day in my neighbourhood.

My older son is starting another semester at University today.

My younger son just came home from his first day in High School.

So perhaps you’ll forgive me if my thoughts are turning towards our youth and the future they will build.

One absolutely amazing young person has recently given a TEDx talk in  Richmond Hill (Toronto).  I do not know her personally, but my trusted source informs me that she is just 18 years old and speaks 17 languages fluently…

I will embed the full TEDx video at the end of this post, but because it includes many talks and is several hours long and the presentation I was so impressed by starts 2 hours and 2 minutes into the video, I think it worth posting a link here that cues up nicely to the start of her talk.

Watching young people like Sophia Glisch is inspiring…

One of the first things I had thought of after seeing this video was what she would make of this linguistic performance:

Here is the full video of the TEDx talk:

UPDATE:  this post has been edited to correct the spelling/insert full name of the seventeenlingual genius, Sophia Glisch

Note:  this post has been edited to remove some potentially inaccurate information