The Aspie in me…

…this type of reasoning goes on all the time when I am forced to interact with other humans face-to-face:

2 Responses to “The Aspie in me…”

  1. CD Says:

    What I learned, writing aside, is too observe the variety of personalities around me. Immitate the mannerisms from the ones which are most prevalent. Also, learn more about yourself. Just because one is an Aspie doesn’t mean he or she is undesirable. The hardest truth I’ve realized is cruel people exist in every avenue of life, around every corner, and sometimes I’m harder on myself than I should be.

    CD (Weird fiction writer…website coming soon)

  2. Derek Says:

    Lol i can relate. Generally i find with people that if the funamentals are right than most the little things will fall into place.

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