More gratuitous ‘beach bunny +’ photos…

I know that the summer holidays season is over, but my mind is still not fully back yet…

So, here are some more photos from my holidays up north:

Hip Hop on an island.

And a happy Yoshi, too…

This is such a beautiful place!

This huge hydro-electric dam lake is so beautiful and dotted with islands throughout.  Some days, we take the rented motorboat to one or another of the numerous little islands.  As the only inhabitants there, we can let the pets roam free!

One of the islands we go to every year (and, water-level permitting, walk/swim the perimeter of) has a very distintct ‘X’ in the rock made of other types of rock running through.  Every year, we take a photo of this ‘X marks the spot’ x.  This year, when Hip Hop saw we were taking pictures of it, the little ham went and lay on it to ensure he was the centre of attention…

Boating can be very exhausting!



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