Going on holidays

Tomorrow morning, I am going on holidays – for a week.

To a place with no internet access.

Because, well, if it had internet access, my family (myself included) would not unplug…

Usually, when I go away, I pre-program joke or video posts to post daily.  However, lately, I’ve been slower than usually.

Got my shoulder results today:  turns out that when I had my fall 3 years or so ago and dislocated my left shoulder (and shattered the head of the bone to boot…), I had also hurt my right shoulder.  I complained of the pain, but the doctors were more concerned with the more injured shoulder.  It took them weeks before they finally consented to take an X-ray, then said it had been separated but is doing fine, just get yourself physio for it (not paid by our health care, of course – I had to sell my car to pay for the physio on both my shoulders) and go away.

So, I did, paid for  my physio, and actually eventually regained all motion in the left, more injured shoulder.  But the right one was having trouble healing.

During physio, they did not use ultrasound on my left shoulder, because it had a fracture and the ultrasound treatment interferes with bones mending together.  But, because my right shoulder just had a simple separation, they used ultrasound as primary treatment.  Eventually, I could move the arm.  Not full range – and not without pain, but I could move it.  So, I coughed it up to poor healing skills on my part and left it at that.

Over the years, my more injured, left shoulder, had been my ‘good arm’…

Which brings me to the current episode, which I wrote up here.  TL;DR:  woke my family up by screaming from pain in my sleep, right shoulder buggered up, went to emergency, got pumped full of painkillers and sent home without having had my shoulder examined as the MD was getting off her shift and could not give a dang…went to a walk-in clinic, got sent for X-ray and ultrasound.

Got my results today – two weeks to the day I started not being able to sleep for the acute pain in my right shoulder.

It seems that that injury 3 years ago  – well, I seem to have shattered the end of my right collarbone in it.  Not only did the stupid doctors not treat the break, they prescibed physiotherapy which actively interfered with the bone healing.


Well, it has healed now – but the bone was not set and it has not healed straight.

And it rubs on tendons.

So, not only have I got arthritis in it now, I seem to have also torn a tendon there – hence the pain.

If I want to do anything about it, I can go pay for some physiotherapy…  But, I no longer have a car to sell to pay for it!

Well, with all this fun going on (typing one-handed and such), everything is taking me a lot longer to do.  Which brings me to the point of this post:  I have simply not had the time or energy to set up posts to be posted while I’m away….so, in my absence, please do give some of these excellent sites a read:


Oh yes – and THESE PUZZLES!!!

More gratuitous ‘beach bunny +’ photos…

I know that the summer holidays season is over, but my mind is still not fully back yet…

So, here are some more photos from my holidays up north:

Hip Hop on an island.

And a happy Yoshi, too…

This is such a beautiful place!

This huge hydro-electric dam lake is so beautiful and dotted with islands throughout.  Some days, we take the rented motorboat to one or another of the numerous little islands.  As the only inhabitants there, we can let the pets roam free!

One of the islands we go to every year (and, water-level permitting, walk/swim the perimeter of) has a very distintct ‘X’ in the rock made of other types of rock running through.  Every year, we take a photo of this ‘X marks the spot’ x.  This year, when Hip Hop saw we were taking pictures of it, the little ham went and lay on it to ensure he was the centre of attention…

Boating can be very exhausting!



Halloween is fun for everyone!


EVERYONE loves dressing up for Halloween!

(OK – the photo has ‘washed out’ the colours, but, this is one dog who absolutely LOVED getting his ‘make-up’ on.  When he saw the kids get theirs done, he just lined up and wanted the same treatment!)

Happy Halloween!




Beach bunnies:

I know I am beautiful!

Did I see food?

I’m coming!

See that dog?  That is MY dog!!!


A little ‘away time’…

In a few hours, I will be going away for a little while…

Away from the internet, that is!

Our annual holiday is awesome.  Every year for the past decade or so, we rent a cottage ‘up North’.

OK – perhaps it is not North of the Arctic Circle, and perhaps the closest small town can be reached in about an hour-long drive, and perhaps other cottagers are not that far away… still, it is far enough from civilization to have no internet connection.  And we kind of like it that way – it shows the kids what life was like B.I. (before internet)!

And not just the internet – where we go, we have no newspapers, no TV and as we’d have to drive an hour to the nearest town to get a newspaper (and it would be in French), during our holidays, we are pretty much ‘away from it all’.

Seven years ago, coming back from our holidays, we noticed that more than a few of the traffic lights were on the flash cycle.  We thought it ‘curious’, but that was about it.  When we came home, we were surprised to find a couple of our friends who live in apartments sitting in our backyard, barbecuing!  We thought it was a very nice thing of them to do – coming over and cooking up a meal just as we were returning from a long drive…

Apparently, they had been using our barbecue (they were close friends – we encouraged them to use the barbecue and  check on our house while we had been away) to cook all the food that had defrosted in their freezers when the power had gone out…

Yes – we had completely missed out on the Northeast Blackout of 2003!

We had had absolutely no idea anything had happened – that is how ‘away-from-it-all’ our holidays are.

The upshot of all this is that I will not be posting anything, nor moderating any comments, for the next 8-9 days.  In the meantime, please, do enjoy some of the excellent blogs in the blogroll – I’ll be back before you know it!

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