Going on holidays

Tomorrow morning, I am going on holidays – for a week.

To a place with no internet access.

Because, well, if it had internet access, my family (myself included) would not unplug…

Usually, when I go away, I pre-program joke or video posts to post daily.  However, lately, I’ve been slower than usually.

Got my shoulder results today:  turns out that when I had my fall 3 years or so ago and dislocated my left shoulder (and shattered the head of the bone to boot…), I had also hurt my right shoulder.  I complained of the pain, but the doctors were more concerned with the more injured shoulder.  It took them weeks before they finally consented to take an X-ray, then said it had been separated but is doing fine, just get yourself physio for it (not paid by our health care, of course – I had to sell my car to pay for the physio on both my shoulders) and go away.

So, I did, paid for  my physio, and actually eventually regained all motion in the left, more injured shoulder.  But the right one was having trouble healing.

During physio, they did not use ultrasound on my left shoulder, because it had a fracture and the ultrasound treatment interferes with bones mending together.  But, because my right shoulder just had a simple separation, they used ultrasound as primary treatment.  Eventually, I could move the arm.  Not full range – and not without pain, but I could move it.  So, I coughed it up to poor healing skills on my part and left it at that.

Over the years, my more injured, left shoulder, had been my ‘good arm’…

Which brings me to the current episode, which I wrote up here.  TL;DR:  woke my family up by screaming from pain in my sleep, right shoulder buggered up, went to emergency, got pumped full of painkillers and sent home without having had my shoulder examined as the MD was getting off her shift and could not give a dang…went to a walk-in clinic, got sent for X-ray and ultrasound.

Got my results today – two weeks to the day I started not being able to sleep for the acute pain in my right shoulder.

It seems that that injury 3 years ago  – well, I seem to have shattered the end of my right collarbone in it.  Not only did the stupid doctors not treat the break, they prescibed physiotherapy which actively interfered with the bone healing.


Well, it has healed now – but the bone was not set and it has not healed straight.

And it rubs on tendons.

So, not only have I got arthritis in it now, I seem to have also torn a tendon there – hence the pain.

If I want to do anything about it, I can go pay for some physiotherapy…  But, I no longer have a car to sell to pay for it!

Well, with all this fun going on (typing one-handed and such), everything is taking me a lot longer to do.  Which brings me to the point of this post:  I have simply not had the time or energy to set up posts to be posted while I’m away….so, in my absence, please do give some of these excellent sites a read:


Oh yes – and THESE PUZZLES!!!

VA Recap: U.S. Vet on Cause, Solution, and Scale of Scandal


Traveling Down the Road to Serfdom: History of Socialism from Marx to Obama – Yuri N. Maltsev

I don’t usually post videos that are this long, but, I found this speaker not only well informed but also engaging:


US Supreme Court: the police can collect your DNA without a warrant

Warrantless DNA collection is now a reality in the USA, as per the US Supreme Court.

In a State that, with the coming of Obamacare, how long do you think it will take before the police and medical files are linked?

And in an increasingly broke state, how long do you think it will take before medical treatment is rationed – and denied to people with genetic markers for specific diseases, even if they are disease-free, simply because it would be a ‘risky’ investment for The State to make?



John Goodman on Curing the Health Care Crisis


Reason TV: Why U.S. Health Care Costs More Than Canada’s: “A Mercedes Costs More than a Corolla”

A word to those who say that Canadian health care is ‘free’:  according to the latest figures, my family (of 4) pays about a thousand dollars per month in health taxes alone.

In addition, the Canadian health care system is less like ‘Toyota Corolla’ amd more like a ‘1980 Honda Civic’…

For example of how health care is being delivered in our hospitals, I can relay what I saw when, a little over a month ago, my mother fell down and injured herself.

She suffered a complex fracture with a shoulder dislocation.  And, true, she did get an excellent surgery to correct that.


She had to sit in a hospital bed, with her arm untreated, for 5 days before there was time in an operating room to schedule her surgery – and she was told she was lucky it went that quickly!

While visiting her afterwards, I got chatting with another lady in her room (4 patients to the room).  This elderly woman got a severe bladder infection, fainted and got a complex fracture of her leg as a result.  It happens…

She could not move on her own, due to the leg.  When she needed to go to the washroom (remember, she had a bladder infection), she had to call the nurse because she could not get out of bed.

During one of my visits, she had called the nurse exactly for this reason several times over the course of an hour – with absolutely NO RESPONSE from anyone.  Finally, I went in search of someone to help her.  I found the nurse, sitting at his station, reading a book.  Very reluctantly, he got up (I was most insistent) and said he’d ‘get someone’…and left.

Another hour passed, nobody came.

The poor lady was still sitting in the hospital bed, crying, because she had soiled herself,without anyone having helped her, when I was leaving half an hour later.

And THAT is the reality of the Canadian medical system!


Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ

This is not the first study – but a follow up one that confirms earlier findings:

‘A recently published Harvard University meta-analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas.’

It’s not the only problem with fluoride – it has also been demonstrated to cause childhood bone cancer.  (That is why, ever so quietly, fluoride was removed from children’s toothpaste…)

And, perhaps most ironic finding of them all is that too much flouride actually increases – yes, increases – the probability of getting cavities!

Yes – you read correctly:  a little bit of fluoride reduces the incidence of cavities – but more than a little bit, and the cavities are more frequent than they would have been with no fluoride at all!  Plus, you get all the side-effects…

Of course, fluoride is also used as prescription medication to reduce the function of the thyroid – making people more tired, sluggish, fat and, yes, apathetic…

Now, we can add ‘making us dumber’ to the list of side effects this government-enforced medication-in-the-water scheme is causing….it sounds like ‘the government is putting poison in my coffee’ line is not ‘Paranoia’ after all!!!

ReasonTV: ‘Obesity in America: to Win, We Have to Lose Government’

Of course, some of the ‘obesity epidemic’ in North America is directly attributable to government intervention in our individual lives……

Just recently, my father-in-law mentioned to me that he read a study of the most prescribed drugs in different regions of North America and that he found it curious that in almost all large urban areas, Synthroid (an artificial thyroid hormone) topped the list.  He was wondering why this was…

Did you know that fluoride (in the form of fluorine) is prescribed as medication to people who have overactive thyroids?

Indeed, fluoride lowers the function of our thyroid gland.

People with a healthy thyroid who are given fluoride tend to develop hypothyroidism:  a condition which is marked by fatigue, depression and lowered metabolic rate which leads to – you got it – difficult-to-control weight gain!

Most urban centres in North America put fluoride into their municipal water supply.

Most commercially sold bottled water contains fluoride.

To recap:

Governments put prescription medication in our water supply ‘for our own good’.  Once it’s made us sick, they’ll use this as an excuse to strip us of more of our rights…


Who decides on your medical treatment?

For ever, I have been pointing out the shortcomings of socialized medicine:  what it boils down to is that the one who picks up the tab gets the final say in which treatments gets picked.  And, if that decision is not made by you or your loved ones, but rather by a bureaucrat who does not know you personally, the decisions may not be exactly the ones you might wish…

Thomas Sowell has put this extremely well in his 4-part series:

Whose medical decisions?

Whose medical decisions?, Part II

Whose medical decisions?, Part III

Whose medical decisions?, Part IV

‘Death by Committee’: British socialized medicare hits a new low

Leave it to the Brits, with their wonderful sense of ‘understatement’, to give the expression ‘death by committee’ a very real and unpleasant meaning!

As slowly but surely becomes true of every ‘nationalized’ or ‘universal, government-run’ medical system, there is not enough ‘medicine’ (space, equipment, staff, meds…) to go serve everyone in Britain (once known as ‘Great Britain’ – now, they are too ‘politically correct’ to call themselves ‘Great’).

It would appear that British National Health Service has found a nifty new way to ration their medical care:  kill the ‘old people’!

Professor Peter Millard, Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics, University of London, was among a group of medical experts who wrote to the Telegraph warning that patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives.

Another article on the same topics says:

Under NHS guidance introduced in a number of hospitals to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.

But this approach can also mask the signs that their condition is improving, the experts warned in their letter.

So, if a patient is judged to be ‘ready’, all their medical care is taken away and they are euthanized.  Simple – and it might just free up enough beds to get rid of those pesky statistics about babies being born in hospital hallways, or even toilets…even turning those horny women away seems to cause bad press.


In my never-humble-opinion, people in the UK are being denied medical care, universally, from ‘cradle to grave’!

So, how does this ‘death by committee’ work?

Well, there is this agency, NICE (National Institute of Coordinated Experiments…or was that National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence…or is there a difference?)   which nicely approved this ‘ticker box’ form (you know, there are questions, boxes to ‘tick off’ and the number of ‘ticks’ and the spots they are in will ‘objectively’ determine next course of action).  The ‘medical care team’ – and this team apparently MUST include A doctor…so, the rest are, presumably, administrators and bureaucrats – will ‘tick off’ the boxes.

Notice that this ‘medical care team’ does not include the patient, or any representatives, friends or family of the patient.  This is purely to ensure the ‘ticks’ are made in an objective manner and no mushy sentimentality would come in the way of ‘efficiency’ and ‘excellence’.  In other words, these ‘death committees’ (or ‘death boards, as they have also been called) only produce ‘professional ticks’!

If the ‘ticks’ add up a certain way, the patient gets taken off medicine, denied food and water (apparently, this happens even if the patient is able to feed him/her self), and given a ‘parting shot’ of drugs that kill him/her over the next 24 hours.

Attention is paid to every detail!  For example, these drugs also conveniently sedate the patient as part of the killing process:  so no protest is possible and any signs that the patient is getting better are masked.  It’s ‘neater’ this way.  Dead patients hardly ever complain, you know…

Now, now, there is no point getting all ticked off about it!

They have this form here, which proves that you were supposed to have died already, and you are just taking too long mucking about!  So, it’s not like anyone can blame them, is it?  They are just helping you do the right thing

In conclusion, I’d like to leave you with this short documentary film: