ReasonTV: ‘Obesity in America: to Win, We Have to Lose Government’

Of course, some of the ‘obesity epidemic’ in North America is directly attributable to government intervention in our individual lives……

Just recently, my father-in-law mentioned to me that he read a study of the most prescribed drugs in different regions of North America and that he found it curious that in almost all large urban areas, Synthroid (an artificial thyroid hormone) topped the list.  He was wondering why this was…

Did you know that fluoride (in the form of fluorine) is prescribed as medication to people who have overactive thyroids?

Indeed, fluoride lowers the function of our thyroid gland.

People with a healthy thyroid who are given fluoride tend to develop hypothyroidism:  a condition which is marked by fatigue, depression and lowered metabolic rate which leads to – you got it – difficult-to-control weight gain!

Most urban centres in North America put fluoride into their municipal water supply.

Most commercially sold bottled water contains fluoride.

To recap:

Governments put prescription medication in our water supply ‘for our own good’.  Once it’s made us sick, they’ll use this as an excuse to strip us of more of our rights…


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