So, what happens to atheists in Muslim countries?

While checking out Reddit, I came across this post:

‘I’m planning on telling my parents that I’m an atheist. I live in a Muslim country, so you can guess that they’re Muslim. I need help with some points though. Things said in the Quran that are definitely wrong, like that Noah talked to ants (ants do not talk, they use chemicals to communicate.) and such. The more you know the better. I need to know things that Islam got wrong. Muslims say that Muslim women have tons of rights, and I want to prove them wrong. Help a guy out will you.’

All the comments – at least, when I read it, I’m sure more will be posted soon – advised against this,if the young writer wants to live…

At last, people are finally understanding that in Muslim countries, there is no ‘freedom from religion’.  It’s a first step, but an important one and I am glad to see that people do know this and understand that the existential danger to atheists in Muslim countries is very, very real.

I don’t know how to help this one individual.

But, I do realize that if we do not stop the stealthy creeping of Sharia into our societies, we, too, may face this fate.

Sooner than we are willing to admit…

One Response to “So, what happens to atheists in Muslim countries?”

  1. ahmad Says:

    actually there is quite a few of atheistic Muslims who are living in Muslim country but unable to express their honest view. It will be a good idea to gather them into one website, which until today, remain unsuccessful. In the end, the atheists just go through their life like everyone else.

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