Benghazi: the top brass actively forbade the air support from firing on the ‘team’ that later killed 2 Americans…

UPDATE:  An AC-130U Gunship was indeed on the scene in Benghazi and was denied permission to fire.  Also, CIA brass throws Omaba under the buss and openly says that it was NOT the CIA who denied the permission to fire!  On the aftermath, here.

UPDATE 2:  This article has excellent write up with all the currently known facts.


Revelations have been pouring in all day about the fiasco in Bengazi.

This charts some of the details that came out today, but does not draft the full picture.  Yet, it is well worth noting:

It has now been definitively established, from multiple sources, that there were 2 drones in the air over Benghazi, feeding live video of the attack to the US – including to the Situation Room’ in the White House, where Barack Obama was scheduled to be that evening. (Aside – lots of intriguing links in this link.)

They had hard evidence, 2 hours into the attack, that the terrorist group ‘Helpers of Sharia’ had taken responsibility for the attack.

But it gets worse – much worse.

Ambassador Stevens was running guns to Islamists – that much is clear.


And this is where it gets very, very nasty.

The security of the buildings was being provided by the 17th of February Brigade – a militant Islamist group. As in, militant and violent jihadists!


Who would ever hire an organization whose avowed goal is to kill all non-Muslims and use force to install Sharia worldwide, who would hire one’s declared enemies to be the security force for their Ambassador?

That’s a lot like getting Nidal Malik Hasan to provide pre-natal care to Francheska Velez!

We now also know that one of the people in the compound posted a message onto a gaming site saying that the ‘police’ (and he put the word ‘police’ into quotation marks, as if mocking the very concept) who are supposed to be guarding them are taking pictures and that something is up – and expressed fear that they may not live to see the morning…

Then, after this, the Ambassador met with a ‘Turkish diplomat’.

(We know Stevens was running the guns into Syria through Turkey…)

The ‘Turkish diplomat’ left.

Less than an hour later, the attack started…

Please, consider the information in the following newscast:

But, there is more.

Yes, the SEALs went in against orders!

Then, when they returned to their compound, their compound came under fire….almost as if all the people who had been in the first location were supposed to have died in order not to say what they knew – and since some got out, the attackers followed them in their ‘mop-up’ operation!

What is this – a B-movie or reality?!?!?

We know there were 2 surveillance drones, tag-teaming, over the area.  Please, keep that in mind.

The compound (second location) was being shelled by the attackers.

One of the people inside the compound went onto the roof and illuminated (tagged) the equipment firing at the compound with a laser – no, not a pointer but a target-identification tag for a guided strike from the air.

The drones in the air may or may not have been armed – but the two AC-130U’s in theatre (since March) certainly were.

And, tagging the target does not occur unless (and until) the targeting system is synchronized – on location, and ready to fire.  It is the ‘last step’ in the firing procedure before the trigger is pulled – because by going out and tagging the target, the person doing the tagging is exposed and vulnerable.  Hence, it is the last step.

This means that in one way or another, there was someone in the air who had the attackers in their sights and was ready to fire.

But, was denied permission to take the shot!!!

It was only AFTER this that the shelling from this very ‘no-longer-target’ hit the compound and killed 2 Americans!!!

Can you get your mind around it?

Only orders from either the White House or head of the Africa theatre would have had the power to deny the permission to shoot – and, as a direct result of this inaction, American lives were lost!

This is beyond a scandal – it is criminal!

One Response to “Benghazi: the top brass actively forbade the air support from firing on the ‘team’ that later killed 2 Americans…”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    The real question is… why?

    Why did team Obama try to blame the attack on an obscure YouTube video, why were Americans under attack denied air support, and why was there at least one drone overhead right from the beginning, streaming live video to the White House situation room?

    None of these things make sense alone, and together they stink to high heaven.

    So we have to wonder … is there any truth to the claim that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was set up to be taken hostage by the Muslim Brotherhood, so Obama could “rescue” him with great public fanfare by trading him for the Blind Sheik (Omar Abdel-Rahman)?

    Ex-SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were in Benghazi as private contractors, assigned by the CIA to recover weapons stolen by Libyan rebels from military depots which had belonged to the Gaddafi regime.

    Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi for the same reason. In fact, he was allegedly sent there by Barack Obama himself (!) for the express purpose of meeting with the very gang of thugs who ended up killing him, in spite of the fact that they were the ones who had put a price on his head.

    As the story goes, Stevens was to arrange for the weapons to find their way to Syria — his mission in Benghazi was a kind of scaled-up Middle-Eastern version of Operation Fast and Furious. However, that makes no sense. Why would Stevens be needed to broker a transfer of stolen weapons from the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Syrian branch? Well, he wouldn’t.

    But something along those lines might have served as a trumped-up reason to put him into a position where the Brotherhood’s henchmen could get their hands on him. Especially if his misgivings (which are a matter of record) were laid to rest by telling him that he would have an armed drone circling overhead and two first-rate mercenaries on the ground to back him up.

    So was that the plan? Was the meeting supposed to go bad, Stevens supposed to be taken hostage, and everybody else supposed to end up dead? After all, the odds were 200 heavily armed Muslim rebels against 2 ex-SEALs. Who could expect them ruin the set-up by saving a bunch of civilians and then holding out — for seven hours! — without air support?

    With no witnesses left alive, team Obama could have claimed that the attack was motivated by the video and Ambassador Stevens was taken hostage as a target of opportunity. Then Obama could have made himself look good by trading Stevens for the Blind Sheik and gotten himself a landslide re-election by giving the Muslim Brotherhood something they have wanted all along.

    Sounds alarmingly plausible, doesn’t it? Far more plausible than the official whinging and double talk, anyway.

    If that’s what happened, then the flurry of smoke screens, finger pointing and contradictory claims makes perfect sense. Anything to keep the sordid details from the public until after the election. And after that… well, it wouldn’t matter anymore.

    If that’s what happened, then Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty foiled a very dirty deal by being more honest, loyal and tough-as-nails than anybody on team Obama ever dreamed possible.

    And in so doing, they may have saved a lot more than just those thirty Americans in Benghazi.

    Xanthippa says:


    Your scenario is uncomfortably plausible.

    I have a few mmore scenarios which would make sense, one worse than the other. They all end with criminal charges agains Obama…

    What I find telling is that the fighting moved.

    Al Qaeda may be a lot of things, but when they plan an attack, they do have strategy. If they had planned to attack both places – the mission and the annex, they would have had people surrounding both for hours ahead and nobody would have made it out from the Annex to the mission.

    Yet, people did – and they rescued a bunch of people from the mission and brought them to the – at this time as yet unmolested – annex.

    The attackers followed them.

    That absolutely screams that the attack on the annex was not pre-planned and would not have happened had the survivors not been brought there.

    Now, there is always the possibility that there were rival terrorist factions at play and that Stevens had made a gun deal with one – and that the attack was a retribution by the faction that lost out on the deal. I know this is being floated as a plausible explanation, but I don’t buy it.

    Perhaps there is a kernel of truth in it, but it’s not the whole story.


    If it were, the ‘Turkish diplomat’ would never have been allowed to leave. We know he entered the mission for his meeting with Stevens AFTER the suspicious activigy, taking photographs and guarding the exits (not in the usual support way) by the 17th February Brigade had started. So, he was there with their support and would not have been able to leave without their permission.

    Same thing about it being about the fact that Stevens was known to be a homosexual: if this was some of the Islamists taking an exception to his gay lifestyle, the meeting would not have been permitted. Discipline and all that….


    The American support team that was to give them protection was intentionally sent out during the summer and was replaced by the 17thF Brigade. There was a purpose for that.

    To keep as few Americans aware of what was happening there.

    That much is crear and rather obvious.

    Clinton has already sought legal counse and her lawyers have leaked that she had indeed ordered more protection to be sent there, but that the White House countermanded her order.

    If true – that is telling.

    We know her husband’s ‘charity’ gets about $20 mil per year from the Saudis and Hillary herself is handelled by her lover of many years, Huma Aberdeen, whose mother runs the women’s wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    So, qui bene?

    One of Obama’s closes friends runs Turkey – and hates Assad in Syria. Backs the rebels.

    The guns were clearly run through Turkey.

    Stevens met with a ‘Turkish diplomat’ just before the attack.

    None of this is conclusive, and I am certain there is much more that will come out, but it seems to me that this is one play that is run by Obama to benefit his Turkish buddy…..

    Sure, the Blind Sheik angle is plausible, but he would be a prize for the Ikhwan – more so than for the Turks. So, while this is plausible (Turks, who see themselves as destined to form the next Caliphate could claim success where the Muslim Brotherhood failed, but the MB would have claimed success nevertheless), I am not sure if it fits.

    Or, rather, I suspect several other scenarios fit better – because the Islamists pursued the eye-witnesses, which they would have had no reason to do had the initial attack failed. They would have known that once it was botched, it would not work and pursuit would not have made sense.

    Even if it were a simple gun deal gone bad, where the ‘Turkish diplomat’ did not get his way, left, and ordered the attack in retaliation, chasing the eye-witnesses and continuing the attacks on the annex would not make sense.

    I think it is even worse than that.

    The only way the pursuit makes sense is if the attack was….ordered from this side of the pond.

    I think it is possible – and this is pure conjecture on my part, not a statement of fact – that the ‘operation’ was concluded at that meeting. All was done and over with.

    But, there were eye-witnesses.

    American eye-witnesses.

    So, I believe Obama had ordered his Islamist allies to tie up the loose ends by killing any American who could testify as to what happened.

    In other words, they had to pursue the people who escaped the first attack to the safehouse because they had orders to kill all the witnesses, so there would be nobody left to tell the tale and testify against Obama.

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