I’m with Tarek Fatah on this one!

I have long held that it is simply wrong for people to have multiple citizenships and that we must put a stop to it.

In my never-humble-opinion, it is not possible for a person to be loyal to multiple countries.  Sure, they may be allies now, or they may share a monarch at this time, but that does not mean they always will.  If you don’t wish to pledge your loyalty exclusively Canada (and her queen), then we can do without you, thank you very much.

Canada is a great country and people from all around the world wish to move here.  We should be able to select only those new immigrants who are willing to repay Canada by pledging their undivided loyalty to her!

And it does not matter what race or creed (or absence of creed) they are, as long as they are indeed willing to accept our secular laws as fully binding on them – and only if they are willing to be bound by our secular laws!

There are many Muslims who are fleeing from the political system known as Sharia:  there is a big difference between Islam as a religion, and Sharia.

Sure, ‘Sharia’ is known as ‘Islamic law’ – but Sharia as such is a political and judicial system derived from Islam, the religion.  And just as not all Christians are adherent to the Roman Catholic canonical interpretation of Christianity and would never wish for a return to the days when the Roman Church imposed its laws on all the poor souls trapped under its tyranny, so many Muslims do not wish to live under the yoke of Sharia.  And just like we do not permit those who wish to return to the days of the Holy Inquisition to impose Christian laws on other Christians, we should not permit those who wish to live under Sharia to impose Sharia rules on other Muslims!

And one of the core tenets of Sharia is the complete rejection of secular laws in favour of forcibly imposing Sharia on all – Muslims and non-Muslims alike!

We do not permit religious laws to trump our secular laws – and we should not import immigrants who will not respect that – much less ones who openly promote the supremacy of religious laws over secular ones and intend to impose them on others.

Regardless of which religion those laws are derived from!

And, our law-enforcement agencies must not fail to protect anyone, regardless of race or creed or gender, from another person or group of persons who are breaking our secular laws.  That is what rule-of-law and equality-before-the-law mean, and we must never forget it or violate these principles in the name of political correctness, for the fear of offending one special-interest group or another, or indeed in the name of ‘keeping peace’.

Because in the long term, the only peace that will be left if rule-of-law is not fully and equally implemented will be the ‘peace of oppression’.