Free Dominion is under attack and needs our help!

Free Dominion is in the forefront of the battles for the freedom of speech and for the freedom on the internet,  Their path has not been easy, but they are determined and brave and understand just how important freedom is.  They have already won some important rulings in court regarding privacy on the internet, which is why they made it to Michael Geist’s list of internet achievements of 2012!

However, legal battles are expensive.

Very expensive.

If Mark and Connie, the people behind Free Dominion, run out of funds, no amount of determination will help.  The wanna-be-oppressors know this.  That is why, just as Mark and Connie announced their new fund-raising campaign, they have tried to keep the word from getting out by hitting their site with a DDoS SYN attack…

Please, help spread the word!

And, if you can, chip in a bit


From Connie Fournier:

‘As many of you know, Mark and I are fighting three trials this year related to issues of online freedom of speech.  We just started our largest fundraiser because we need to raise $50,000 to cover the cost of all of those trials.
Almost immediately, the Free Dominion website was attacked by hackers.  We are fighting what is called a DDoS SYN attack where dozens of computers are sending messages to our server in an attempt to overload it and shut it down.  We keep blocking IPs, but new ones spring up almost immediately and the attacks start again. 
Sometimes we will have periods where the site is accessible to read, but many people cannot post.  Then they come back and increase the attack until the site becomes inaccessible again.
We desperately need help!
We can’t get the word out about our fundraiser because many of our regular readers can’t get into our site to find out about it.
We really need people who care about free speech to circulate this email, tell your friends, or post it on your blogs.
Somebody doesn’t want us to meet our fundraising goal, but we have to do this.  Internet freedom depends on it!
Here is the link to our fundraiser, please pass it around!
Thanks so much for your help!
H/T:  Andrew