CATO Institute on State of the Union 2013


2 Responses to “CATO Institute on State of the Union 2013”

  1. Derek Says:

    And the state of our union is weak.

    I am expecting, anticipating and preparing for the big fiscal crash, and I’m planning my career (and looking for opportunities of investment, royalties, residual income and the like) as social security will likely be dead by the time i am mid-age.

    The president is weaving around the economy with his other initiatives, the only palatable option at this point.

    In the words of my old uncle “welfare is dead, we ruined it”

  2. stopkhadredmonton1 Says:

    Thank-you – and the 2nd last comment was the most chilling – but this American President’s 2nd Term is the death knell for America’s Place in the World. I my lifetime marked from the Camelot of Kennedy to this.- I could never have thought it possible. Luckily the American people are a still tough, resouceful and resilient lot – and they will survive – but the tasks ahead will be crushing. Good Luck.

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