Obama sinks to a new low: snubs Lady Thatcher’s funeral

When I read this, at first, I thought I had it wrong.  But, Obama has really, really sunk to a new low – he is not going to send any representative of his administration to Lady Thatcher’s funeral.

From ‘Mail Online’:

‘Though President Obama himself had not been expected to attend, there had been speculation that he would be represented either by Vice President Joe Biden or wife Michelle. However, the Obama administration had said it would not be attending Thatcher’s funeral before the Boston bombings

The Queen’s decision to attend Lady Thatcher’s funeral has effectively elevated it to a state occasion unprecedented for a political figure in Britain since the death of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965.

Other world leaders, including Canada’s Stephen Harper, Mario Monti of Italy and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, are attending the service in person.

‘This is a hugely significant week in terms of US domestic politics,’ a spokesman added.

He said that both the First Lady and the Vice President were ‘the President’s point people on gun control’, adding: ‘This is a week when there is a lot of movement on Capitol Hill on gun control issues.’

Words fail me…how Americans could have elected this arrogant, disrespectful snotling-fondler not once, but twice, is beyond comprehension!

4 Responses to “Obama sinks to a new low: snubs Lady Thatcher’s funeral”

  1. J Hatton Says:

    We feel very let down.
    As a British citizen who alway thought that the Americans had a Special Relationship with us,
    and i myself who has also a daughter who has married an American.
    It saddens me greatly, i feel sick … words fail me

    Xanthippa says:
    I share your sentiment – Lady Thatcher was a giant among statesmen and Obama’s behaviour is unforgivable!

  2. EatShitBigot Says:

    Here’s a hint – Americans elected Obama twice because the vast majority of them don’t give a flying fuck about a dictator-loving monster like Margaret Thatcher. If the world was just they would just throw heri old bones out of a helicopter into the ocean, the way her veru good friend Pinochet murdered so many.

    Xan says: t’gla!

    • EatShitBigot Says:

      You are correct….. she really was a mindless animal. Actually, she was much, much worse. Her coddling of genocidal dictators like Suharto and her active support of repressive butchers like Pinochet caused the death of far more innocent people than a mindless animal ever could.

      But of course, I’m sure you don’t agree. As a libertarian, I would guess that you would actively support people like General Pinochet, who were free market capitalism that had to undertake a regime of brutal repression and complete elimination of civil and political rights in order to accomplish it. Who cares how many people are tortured and butchered to death so long as the ultra rich don’t have to pay taxes!!

  3. Juggernaut Says:

    I would be more offended if he did actually go, as that would only be political grandstanding.

    Xan says:
    By personally attending, the Queen made it a State event – so, in this case, either the head of State or a close representative thereof is supposed to attend. By not sending a senior member of his administration or attending himself, Obama has seriously breeched protocol.

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