This cop actually says that the police do not have to obey the law – as he illegally disarms, searches and arrests an active duty soldier

So, what else can you get arrested for in the USA these days?

Well, you can also be suspended from school for wrestling down an armed gunman who threatened to shoot a student on a school bus…and here are 19 other things that got kids arrested at school.

This is not proper policing…

UPDATE:  some of the links in ’19 other things that got kids arrested’ are broken.  I’ve hunted around the net and found better/alternate links to some of the ones broken in the linked post:

and, also, getting an undercover narc to bully – and then arrest – autistic student for selling sugar packets

If you find more broken links, please, let me know and I’ll search for an alternate link to the original article.  This is too important to ignore!!!

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