Al-Qaeda terror plot thwarted in Canada

This strikes very close to home, as my family does use the Via railway through Toronto…

It was also said during that news conference that it was an Iran-based cell of Al-Qaeda which was supporting these Canadian terrorists.

While I applaud the work our police forces have done so far in protecting us from all forms of terrorism, I must admit I cannot support the beforementioned proposed bill, which would give police the power to arrest people for pre-crimes and which would make it a criminal offense punishable by a year in jail to refuse to testify before a judge.  I’m sorry, but civil liberties must not be sacrificed on the altar of security.

We – as citizens – must never permit our government to ‘bypass’ civil liberties of citizens under any circumstances, even if those citizens are accused of as despicable things as acts of terror!


One Response to “Al-Qaeda terror plot thwarted in Canada”

  1. EatShitBigot Says:

    But Xanthippa, the obvious solution is to have the bill apply only to Muslims, the same way that you have endorsed hate-speech laws for Muslims only.

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