Tuesday’s joke

Shamelessly lifted from reddit:

Many vegetables walk into a bar. The bar tender asks; ‘which of you lot can prove to be the cleverest?’

The Sweet Potato exclaims, ‘I think therefore Yam!’

The yam then refutes the sweet potatoes claim saying; “Although yams and sweet potatoes are both angiosperms (flowering plants), they are not related botanically. Yams are a monocot (a plant having one embryonic seed leaf) and from the Dioscoreaceae or Yam family. Sweet Potatoes, often called ‘yams’, are a dicot (a plant having two embryonic seed leaves) and are from the Convolvulacea or morning glory family.”

So the Sweet Potato says, ‘You googled that from, (http://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/sweetpotato.html) You idicot!”

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