BlazingCatFur: University of Toronto hosting conference sponsored by Islamist Gulen Organization

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NB: See the updates below, this gets much worse. This started out as a relatively routine post on Islamist infiltration of public institutions until a bit more digging uncovered just how insidious the rot is. Toronto Police Services Chief Bill Blair sits on the advisory board of the Gulen Movement’s Intercultural Dialogue Institute. The Founder of the Gulen Movement Fethullah Gülen is a rabid anti-Semite. The Ontario Government has gifted 500K of your money to help build this anti-semitic organization’s Ottawa headquarters and our Minister of Citizenship & Immigration is happy to break bread with them. Our political class is comprised of useful idiots.

U of T is playing host this week to a “Religions and Social Innovation Conference“.  One of the events sponsors stands out, the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, this is the Canadian branch of the Gulen Movement, and bases itself on the teachings of the movement’s founder, Fethullah Gulen.

The Gulen movement has among it’s primary goals the Islamization of Turkey and the Turkish Islamization of the Muslim diaspora : “M. Hakan Yavuz, a Turkish professor at the University of Utah and astute observer of the Gülen movement, states that “its main goal has been the Islamization of Turkish society.” Bayram Balci, another Turkish scholar who has studied the Gülen schools, said, “Fethullah’s aim is the Islamization of Turkish nationality and the Turkification of Islam in foreign countries.”

Much more prominent in the US, the Gulen Movement has come under fire for its system of charter schools which have received federal funding to establish what are essentially Islamic madrassas: “Americans may not realize it yet, but Turkey’s regression from a secular democracy into an Islamic state may be based on an educational movement that has also taken root in America. Imam Fethullah Gülen and his Gülen Movement (GM) have had enormous influence in setting the increasingly Islamist agenda of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Much of this is due to GM’s vast empire of media entities, financial institutions, banks and business organizations.”


More on the Gulen Movement: Protesters want Turkish Islamic cleric ousted – “The protesters repeated earlier accusations against Gülen, arguing that he is connected to the government now leading Turkey and is seeking to Islamicize the country. Speakers also discussed charter schools affiliated with the movement across the U.S. and said Gülen is using American tax money to spread his message.

Umit Dikkaya came from New York City and joined friends. She wore a shirt proclaiming that she is proud to be from Turkey. “We’re here to expose the reality about this Gülen movement,” she said.”

Fethullah Gülen’s Grand Ambition – Turkey’s Islamist Danger


Fethullah Gülen and the Jews – Link

“Dani Rodrik and Pınar Doğan, two Harvard-based scholars, have uncovered some of Gülen’s writings on Jews which should give pause for thought about where the shadowy preacher truly stands. From their “Balyoz Davası ve Gerçekler” (“Sledgehammer Case and Facts”) blog:

Even though they have lived in exile here and there and have led an almost nomadic existence, Jews have been able to maintain their racial characteristics with almost no loss. Moreover, the Jewish tribe is very intelligent. This intelligent tribe has put forth many things throughout history in the name of science and thought. But these have always been offered in the form of poisoned honey and have been presented to the world as such. For instance, Karl Marx is a Jew; the communism he developed looks like a good alternative to capitalism at first sight, but in essence it is a deathly poison mixed in honey… Jews will maintain their existence until the apocalypse. And shortly before the apocalypse, their mission of acting as the coil spring for humanity’s progress will come to an end, and they will prepare their end with their own hands.Their incurable enmity to Islam and Muslims aside, these people, which look with scorn upon even their own prophets and killed many among them, will finally end up in the position of Nazis and will look for a place to hide in the four corners of the earth. Nevertheless, since dwelling on the true causes and motives related to this topic will both oppose the business of truth and result in raising undue passions, we shall let this pass for the moment. Yes, until Islam comes to be represented to the desired extent, it seems like luck will favor the Jews for some time still.

Sadly Toronto Police Services Chief Bill Blair sits on the Advisory Board of the Gulen Movement’s Toronto Branch,  the Intercultural Dialogue Institute. For the record here’s the Gulen Movement’s Canadian web site listing the offices of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute offices across Canada.  This proves, once again, that our political class are know nothing useful idiots of the Islamists.

As always our politicians are quick to  make Kissy Face with Islamists: Iftar with Hon. Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

On April 23rd, 2013 Honorable David C. Onley, the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario hosted a reception in honour of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI)

Unbelievable: The Ontario Trillium Foundation contributed $500,000.00 of your tax dollars to the construction of the Gulen Movement’s Ottawa Offices!

The Intercultural Dialogue Institute building will be a reality by July 2013. The Institute will be a centre to foster cultural understanding and dialogue amongst ethnic groups by offering educational, social, and youth programs to people from diverse communities. It will provide essential services for newcomers to settle in Canadian society and move into the workforce.

The project will cost about three million dollars. Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their contribution of $500,000 as the Community Capital Fund.

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