Tune in for Clare Lopez

Clare Lopez, a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, WMD, and counterterrorism issues, will be appearing at a call-in radio show on CFRA on Saturday, the 5th of October, 2013, at 8pm East coast time.

If you are not in the Ottawa region, you can listen over the internet.

I hope she can shed some light on what is happening in Syria and Iran and what other regional threats there are.  It should be an interesting thing to listen to.

Milton Friedman – A Conversation On Minimum Wage

Milton Friedman and Walter E. Williams in one video!!!

Thank you, LibertyPen!



BCF: Muslims Of Calgary Invite Unindicted WTC Bombing Conspirator Who Advises Canadians Are The Enemies Of Islam To Youth Event

From BCF:

‘Evidently the Protocols of the Elders of Zion isn’t a strong enough message for the faithful of the Muslims of Calgary, nor is provision of publications that declare Jews and Christians to be the enemies of Allah. No, not at all, the MCC has instead decided to go the direct route and invited Imam Siraj Wahaj, an unidicted co-conspirator and ally of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, convicted in the World Trade Center Bombing. You can read the joyous announcement to their Youth Group of the Imam’s return on the MCC site.’

I’m sorry, but I have no patience for those who promulgate ‘The Protocols’ and make their hateful poison part of their message.  We need to bring this kind of bigotry out into the open where we can refute it with facts!

Read the full write up over at BCF.

The Day Free Speech Died In Canada – October 2, 2013

An excellent post about this most sad day…

It has quotes, links and goes through the logical steps of where this ruling will lead.

The verdict by the jury in the “Warman vs Fournier et al” has effectively killed good, old-fashioned, political discourse and debate in cyberspace, in Canada. Even minor insults and common hyperbole of innocent nature and made-up words not in the dictionary, can now be construed as defamation.

The law lesson learned from the verdict is that defamation court actions are designed to stifle online discourse and healthy political debates that used to commonly take place around kitchen tables and then graduated to cyberspace are now less likely to happen in the blogosphere, since all owners of blogs, forums, chat rooms etc. must now become ruthless, editorial police to avoid the risk of libel suits.
The law definition of libel states: “Any communication that is likely to lower that person in the estimation of reasonable people and in particular to cause that person to be regarded with feelings of hatred, contempt, ridicule, fear or dislike.”

Each and every Canadian ought to now be motivated to action in a gallant effort to redeem free speech in Canada. Most likely, our elected representatives are not yet aware of the significant impact that the verdict in the Warman vs Fournier et al is having on our fragile and ever diminishing right of free speech in Canada.’

Read the full post here.


UPDATE:  Another insightful analysis can be read here.