Warman vs Free Dominion and John Does (the Jury Trial) – the Verdict

I’ll be brief.

Today is a sad, sad day for all Canadians – and a tragic one for all freedom loving people.

The jury foreperson giggled as she said: “The answer is 42!”

As in, $42,000 awarded to Mr. Warman in damages…

In addition, Mr. Warman is seeking an injunction against Free Dominion – a gag order – that would see the Fourniers thrown into jail if anyone even mentions his name on FD, no matter how quickly it would be taken down.  If that happens, Free Dominion will cease to exist…

I’ll have some details later – am too upset to write more now.


CodeSlinger has expressed eloquently what I feel – so, I’d like to share his comment here with you:

This is a sad day, but not a surprising one.

Being tried by “a jury of your peers” sounds right, and good and just… until you look closely at who these “peers” really are – by which I mean what values they have absorbed from their schooling and the mass media, both shaped by the cultural Marxist apparatchiks of the corporocratic state.

Especially in Canada.

Canadians, in general, have no concept of rights.

They speak of rights, but they really mean privileges.

Regarding the right to bear arms, they ask “what kind of arms should we be allowed to carry?”

Regarding the right to free speech, they say “what kind of things should we be allowed to say?”

And so on. It’s pathetic.

Canadians, in general, cannot imagine not being ruled.

To paraphrase what I wrote in another comment, cultural Marxists seek to breed independence and self-reliance out of us. They want to make us into Eloi. And their masters, the globalist Morlocks, are very pleased with their progress.

Especially in Canada.

In Canada, people like the Fourniers don’t have the option of being tried by a jury of their peers.

Eloi are not their peers.