6 Responses to “Thunderf00t: TEACH THEM NOT TO RAPE!”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Teach men not to rape.

    After all, every man is a potential rapist.

    Sure. That’s gotta work.

    Because so many men don’t know that rape is wrong.

    How many? Well… none of them. Everyone knows it’s wrong.

    People commit crimes, not because they don’t know right from wrong, but because they succumb to temptation.

    Even the people who made up this asinine slogan know that… so what are they really after? Let’s find out by turning the tables:

    Teach women not to kill children.

    After all, every woman is a potential child-killer.

    See how that works?

    It becomes obvious that such statements have nothing to do with preventing crime, and everything to do with laying unfair blame.

    This meme comes from the wilfully, dangerously misguided “slut-walk” mentality:

    Don’t tell me how to dress! Tell men not to rape!

    Yeah. Right. And while you’re at it:

    Don’t tell me not to tease bears! Tell bears not to bite!

    Everyone – male or female – has a limit, a level of temptation which is more than they can resist. Or, viewed another way, for every level of temptation, there is a fraction of the people for whom it’s too much. And that fraction increases towards 100 percent with increasing temptation.

    The people behind this meme have only one goal in mind: they want to allow women to be as recklessly tempting as they want, and blame men for the consequences.

    They want to put the bear in a cage, so they can torment it with complete impunity.

    Sure. Let’s do that.

    What could go wrong?

    • xanthippa Says:


      I thought you and I would be in complete agreement with Thundef00t on this one!!!

      Especially in the body language one projects – a victim or not a victim.

      Perhaps it is my Aspieness, but – I am very aware of when women give off the ‘victim’ body language. And, for several of them, I have succeeded in helping them project less ‘prey here!’ vibes, but, with several others, nothing I do seems to ‘get through’. It’s almost as if it is not just the body language but the very mindset of the person, when a woman perceives giving off ‘not-a-victim’ vibes with ‘sluttiness’ or arrogance – or, indeed, a masculine body language in a female, something she wants to avoid lest she be thought ‘a lesbian’.

      Perhaps it was my inability to communicate effectively or, perhaps – and this boggles my mind, but it seems to be true for at least several of the females I tried to teach – it is almost as if ‘being a victim’ forms a part of their self-definition and they cannot let go of that.

      I hope I am wrong…because willing oneself to be a victim just to get the sympathy afterwards must be a horrible way to go through life.

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    Well, the whole issue is a bit more complicated than it looks.

    Because, in a sense, playing the victim is indeed part of the female psyche.

    Men are warriors and hunters.

    How do you attract a warrior? By being a conquest.

    How do you attract a hunter? By being prey.

    This isn’t as easy as it sounds, because she has a fine line to walk: too much makes her a dishrag or a drama queen, not enough makes her a shrew or a battle axe. But if she gets it just right, she becomes alluringly vulnerable, yet vibrant and exciting.

    A beautiful damsel in distress is virtually irresistible to a strong, virile man. This dynamic, and everything it implies, is essential to our nature. It has a light side and a dark side, but it is at the very core of what makes us human.

    The ideal woman is hot, nurturing, and fertile. The ideal man is cold, masterful, and deadly.

    That’s why a woman says “take me” and a man “has his way with her.”

    This is normal. This is who we are.

    And this is precisely what cultural Marxist feminists seek to destroy. They call it “heteropatriarchy” amongst themselves and “rape culture” when the want to get a gut reaction from the public.

    When progressives deceptively say “teach men not to rape,” they are referring to a whole social engineering program akin to Soviet or Chinese “re-education camps,” founded on criminalization and pathologization of everything male, driven home by propaganda promulgated by corporate-state-controlled media.

    They are talking, in very thinly-veiled euphemisms, about brainwashing boys and crushing whatever tiny remnant of a masculine spirit they still have left – to make them psychologically incapable of rape.

    There is only one way to accomplish this: psychologically and chemically castrate them.

    The architects of this agenda know this full well; it’s exactly what they intend to do. They are the same ones who are pushing the “zero tolerance” policy in schools, trying to raise a generation of boys who are psychologically incapable of violence.

    What they are really trying to do is breed the humanity out of people.

    And the degree to which they succeed is the degree to which they create a race of contemptible weaklings. People who are psychologically incapable of violence are psychologically incapable of self-defence. They are born slaves.

    People who are truly moral know themselves to be perfectly capable of extreme violence – and they refuse to initiate violence as a matter of principle and an act of will. Those who eschew violence out of fear – because they aren’t very good at it – are not truly moral or gentle at all. They’re just cowards.

    In fact, the most cowardly, obsequious, and morally repugnant people of all are typically those who portray themselves as incapable of violence. They hide behind a veneer of fake moralistic hand-wringing, and then cravenly stab you in the back when your guard is down.

    This is what cultural Marxism wants to make us into.

    There is only one way to avoid this, and Nietzsche sums it up perfectly:

    “Men shall be framed for war, and women, for the nurture of warriors. All else is folly.”

    Historically, the peoples who excelled at this came to dominate the world – physically, intellectually, and morally.

    This is what cultural Marxism seeks to breed out of us.

    They want to make us into Eloi.

    And their masters, the globalist Morlocks, are very pleased with their progress.

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  4. CodeSlinger Says:


    After surfing around a bit and taking in the flavour of the discussions of this topic on various fora, it becomes crystal clear that the purpose of the agenda, as outlined in my posts above, is understated!

    Common Sense Example 1:

    So, if your 16 year old daughter wears hoochy clothes is grinding all over my 18 year old son, slipping her hand down his pants and riding him like the pony express and as they start to get it on she feels some guilt and screams rape, that makes him a rapist?

    Yeah, right.

    Egregious Progressive Reply:

    If she tries to stop, or says no at any point, then yes it is. There is no way around it.

    Sounds like you support the idea of ‘she asked for it’. Victim blame, friend. No means no, even if it comes mid-coitus. Get it?

    It is truly scary to me that there are people who think its not, and some of you are prime examples of people who need this education being discussed in this thread.

    Common Sense Example 2:

    I believe all men get to that point in sex where they are going to complete the act. Let’s say a young man who is overly excited, she is finally going through with all her teasing of the past 3 months, he is inside of her and after a couple minutes if he lasts that long (sad I know) she says ‘no’ and he can’t help it and ejaculates.

    So, is that rape? I mean, at what point does she play some role in the situation?

    Egregious Progressive Reply:

    Well, if he makes no attempt to withdraw due to her saying no then he is going against her wishes and it is rape.

    And there you have it: they really do want to put the bear in a cage so they can torment him with impunity.

    These “progressives” (i.e. cultural Marxists) want to create a legal system founded on the ridiculous idea that a woman can do no wrong and a man can do no right.

    The tactic is this: first they define normal sex as rape, and on this basis they define normal culture as a culture of rape.

    Then the media picks up the meme and repeats it endlessly until people start to fall for it.

    No wonder sensible men are, more and more, simply refusing to have anything to do with women.

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