Courts Discreetly Confirm MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

When I was in high school, I idolized ‘immunology’, with its life-saving vaccines.  As such, when it came time to pick a grade 13 biology project (yes, I am old enough to have gone to high school in Ontario when grade 13 was still mandatory for those of us who sought University education) was about immunology.  I was lucky enough to live in Canada’s capital – the site of the Health Canada labs that developed vaccines.

I contacted them and was lucky enough to ‘get in’.

For my grade 13 ‘project’, I managed to get one of the Health Canada scientists to both read and review his PhD thesis and to come in to the labs to observe first hand how vaccines are developed and tested.

I was ecstatic!!!

This was a dream come true!

After I read through the PhD thesis (and, I had to educate myself quite a bit to understand all its nuances – and, again, I am in debt to the folks at Health Canada who gave me all the books I needed to read to understand what I was reading – and there were quite a few…), I got to come in, prepare slides for the electron microscope and study the images it captured.  I was, indeed, very, very lucky!

After I  had finished my science degree (in Physics), I was contacted by one of the former Health Canada scientists who was now the head of an immunology department at a major Canadian University.  His biggest complaint was that medical students who register for his courses are so arrogant, so full of self-importance because they are studying medicine, that they fail to adhere to the most basic scientific principles in their lab routine.  Since he had followed my progress through my University education, and since I specialized in data acquisition and analysis (i.e. telling other scientists if they are actually measuring what they think they are measuring – and if their measurements mean what they think they mean), he lobbied me rather aggressively to come to his University and whip their lab routines into shape…

I must admit that I was tempted – very, very tempted.  Tempted enough to do some more, highly directed, study in the specialized routines for immunology labs.  But, my life circumstances were such that, in the end, I chose against this course.

Sorry to bother you with my life story, my aim is only to explain that while I am not an immunologist, I am more educated on the topic than an average person and I have also studied some of the pitfalls specific to immunology research and vaccination development.

As such, I am highly skeptical of any vaccine that delivers more than one pathogen at a time.

This all goes back to first principles of how our immune systems react to pathogens, classify them, create antibodies and then store these antibodies in a ‘database’ for future reference.

At least, that is how healthy immune systems function.  (This was, indeed, endorsed by the CDC, as seen on their website until the first Bush administration decided that in case of a biological attack, forced vaccination was the policy of the US government – at which point the information that people with deficient (asthma, strong allergies etc.) or diseased (lupus, cancer etc.) immune systems and their close relatives (siblings and offspring) ought to avoid vaccines like the plague was, quietly, removed from their site.)

When a healthy immune system encounters a pathogen that causes illness , and the immune system is sufficiently stimulated to be triggered by this pathogen (i.e. the person becomes ill), then and only then the body begins to produce antibodies tailored to that specific pathogen.  Depending on the danger the pathogen poses (the strength of the body’s reaction to it), the immune system will classify the antibodies that proved successful in combating the pathogen for a certain period of time.  The stronger the reaction, the longer the antibody will be stored for.

Thus, if you (or your children) do not become ill at all in the aftermath of a vaccine, it means that you have acquired 0 protection against it!!!

It also means that the people with strong allergies, asthma, other immune system disorders and, especially, with immune system diseases can not, absolutely, acquire immunity to pathogens due to vaccination:  to the contrary!  They are at a high risk of adverse reactions to vaccination (including comma and death) without being able to derive any possible benefits from having received the vaccine:  their immune systems are not functioning properly and are confusing healthy tissues with pathogens, so c as extra set of antibodies can only be used against the healthy body itself, not invaders from the outside!!!

Sadly, despite the scientific evidence, most MD’s in Canada routinely recommend immunization ESPECIALLY to people with compromised immune systems – because they are not educated in the specifics of immunology and can’t seem to walk through the logical steps until one takes them through them….at which point they hit their forehead and regret the huge damage they have done…a pretty universal reaction in the health providers I walked through the process.

Still, none of this applies to healthy people – including healthy babies!

Now, please, do indulge me in the next little bit…

What happens when a person is ill with an infection, their immune system kicks in and creates antibodies to it – but, then, a secondary infection sets in?

Dollars to doughnuts, even if the secondary infection is ‘mild’ – something that would not cause a problem if it were a primary infection because the body’s immune system could do away with it in a matter of days – when it is a secondary infection to something else, it can – and often does – become life-threatening!

Please, do think about it.

And, do think about the way the healthy immune system functions:  it encounters something that makes the body ill, analyzes the ‘surface proteins’ of the pathogen and then creates antibodies which recognize these ‘surface proteins’, attaches itself to any cell that displays them and destroys it.

So, what happens when there are several different pathogens – like when there is a secondary infection?

The human body prioritizes.

It picks the most potent pathogen and makes antibodies against it.

Then, it attempts to apply these antibodies against ALL the pathogens invading the body at that time!!!

Which is why a different, secondary pathogen, can grow out of control and kill the body, even if – should it have been the only infection – the body would have beaten it in a jiffy.

And, this is why I have always been highly skeptical of vaccines that introduce a multitude of very different pathogens…

As in the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine.

OK – I have a strong reservation about the wisdom of vaccinating children against ‘childhood diseases’.  Not because I don’t recognize that the childhood diseases are deadly in and of themselves.  They are.  But…

Their mortality rate (as well as other side effects, such as infertility) are much, much lower if a person contracts them in their childhood rather than as an adult.  And, the weakened pathogens that are in the vaccines will necessarily induce a much shorter-term immunity than a full-blown illness would be.  This is why we are currently seeing so many adults who have been vaccinated against childhood illnesses develop them in their 20’s and 30’s….and, do brace yourself for when they reach their 50’s+!

But, back to multiple pathogen vaccines…

I have a child that, following the MMR vaccine, stopped having motor control over one eye.  It was perfectly fine before the vaccine, and his reaction to the MMR vaccine itself was just a minor fever for 2-3 days, nothing out of the ordinary…

Yet, I do have photographic evidence that before the MMR vaccine, his motor control of both eyes was perfect – but, after it, only one eye had motor control. 

Of course, I sought answers!

And, I did not fear using all my contacts in the immunology community to do so.

The reaction I got was pretty uniform:  nobody I contacted in the Health Canada immunology research department or in the Universities’ immunology departments would ever have subjected their children to a multiple pathogen vaccine – not that they would admit to it ‘on the record’!

The ‘unofficial’ explanation I was given was that the body will form antibodies to the strongest perceived pathogen – and any additional one presented at the same time will drive the immune system into ‘overdrive’.  Many people can take this, others will develop allergies and asthma and reactions to ‘things’ – from mild ones to life threatening ones.

Now, on a completely different note…

When I was in University (in the late 1990’s), I used to enjoy reading ‘Psychology Today’ and, while reading an article on anorexia, I learned there was such a thing as ‘alpha antibodies’….which are created as a reaction to a vaccine (nothing to do with what is in the vaccine itself, but rather that some people, while exposed to some pathogens – like the ones found in childhood vaccinations – develop it as a result of exposure to those bugs).  In other words, if they suffered the  specific childhood illness, they might (or might not) develop alpha antibodies – but, if they are exposed to the vaccine, they 100% will.

These alpha antibodies attack certain neural pathways, causing OCD and other ‘stuff’. 

Yes, it was decades ago and I read it in a hard-copy magazine, so I don’t have a link to support this.  If you happen to be aware of one, please, do comment and I’ll update the post to reflect it.

When I took my MMR vaccine-damaged child to our family doctor, he told me, very frankly, that this is ‘typical’ of an MMR vaccine damage – but that I will never find a Canadian doctor (including himself) to testify to this in court.  He further informed me that he had been warned that if he were to report more than 3 adverse vaccine reactions in a year (again), he would be stripped of his license to practice medicine in Ontario.  This was just a few months before he quit his thriving practice for good and enrolled himself in dental school…he just could not bring himself to practice medicine under such restrictions, restrictions which would force him to lie and falsify records…

It is in this spirit that I offer you the link to the following article, which claims that the previously discredited claims that the MMR vaccine caused autism have now been vindicated by having been proven true in the court of law.

I do not know how credible this source is – but, please, do follow their sources and judge for yourself!