Warman vs Free Dominion – the jury trial

I’m very sorry about being so tardy in writing up the 8th day of the trial.

It’s that whole other ‘life’ thing intruding in with obligations on my time – and I don’t want to do a poor job at it.

Thus, forgive me – I will have it us as soon as possible!

FIRE: Modesto Junior College Censorship

Apparently, some apartchicks still don’t understand that ‘regulated speech’ is NOT ‘free speech’!!!

It is precisely due to self-appointed censors whose bureaucratic nature does not permit them to consider the nature of the rules they are enforcing (and whether or not they infringe upon human rights, free speech being first among them), but just enforce them because they are there to be enforced!

These are the modern-day brownshirts of our times – even if they style themselves as righteous enforcers of the rules!

These censors would oppress us, regulate our speech into complete silence, lest an idea that offends them – or, worse, informs others that they don’t have to give up their inalienable rights to these apartchicks – slips past our lips!

Give them some arbitrary rules and a little bit of power and they will use it to silence people and, if the people will not be silenced, to wreck their lives, like human wrecking balls!

We have to stand up to them.

For our sake – and for the sake of our children!