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The Rise of the Warrior Cop

We have police forces and the military forces as two separate groups for a reason:  their missions and the training for it (which builds the culture and mindset of the individual officers) are mutually incompatible:  the military forces have, as their goal, the subjugation of a civilian population and the military forces protecting them while the only goal of police forces is to protect the civilian population from aggression.

That is why the continued militarization of the police forces is something we should all be very, very concerned about.


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Great news for sufferers of Crohn’s disease: new drug found to work!

Crohn’s disease can be debilitating and painful, so this is happy news indeed.

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‘Those patients will now be able to be helped with Vedolizumab in the foreseeable future. So hot the new drug that blocks lymphocytes. That are white blood cells that in these patients flock to the intestine and cause inflammation.

Although medicines existed acting on lymphocytes, but those held in unacceptable risks because they not only the migration to the intestine, but also blocked to the brain. That often resulted in severe brain disorders.

“With the new drug, we managed to selectively block the migration of lymphocytes and to avoid these harmful side effects,” said gastro-enterologe Séverine Vermeire UZ Leuven.

It is expected that the drug in the course of next year will come on the European market.’

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