Down syndrome reversed in newborn mice with single injection


‘US researchers have found a way to reverse Down syndrome in newborn lab mice by injecting an experimental compound that causes the brain to grow normally.

The study, published in the Science Translational Medicine journal, offers no direct link to a treatment for humans but scientists are hopeful it may offer a path towards future breakthroughs.

The team at Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, in Baltimore, used lab mice that were genetically engineered to have extra copies of about half the genes found on human chromosome 21, leading to Down syndrome-like conditions such as smaller brains and difficulty learning to navigate a maze.

On the day the mice were born, scientists injected them with a small molecule known as a sonic hedgehog pathway agonist.’

Fascinating stuff!!!

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Free Dominion goes to court Monday, September 9th, 2013

From Connie Fournier:

Richard Warman vs Free Dominion starts MONDAY!
Hi, FD Friends!

Once again I’m emailing you with a Free Dominion legal update because you have helped us in the past, and/or you are on our list of friends who are interested in keeping up with our cases. (Please let me know if you no longer want to get these status reports.)
Starting Monday September 9th – Fourniers and Warman meet in court!


Lately we’ve been buried in mounds of paperwork!  But, it has all been worthwhile because the Warman vs FD hearing starts on Monday and we are READY!! 

We have four volumes of evidence, four witnesses, and a jury will be sitting there waiting to hear it all!  Never before has Richard Warman had to seriously address every aspect of his own record for a court.  But, he will this time!

We are going to start a thread on Free Dominion on the weekend that will be dedicated to what is happening in court.  We hope to be able to post and tweet as the trial is on, but, at worst, we will make sure that you are updated a few times a day.  We may also send another email like this if there is something significant to tell you.

This has cost us thousands of dollars for printing, flights, accomodations for witnesses and John Does, and other expenses, but we still have our heads above the water!  That is thanks to friends like you!

However, since we will have expenses during the hearing and all of us have had to take time off work, too, we would really appreciate it if anyone feels inclined to send a last-minute donation to help defray our immediate travel expenses and to keep food and coffee in the FD kitchen for the Does and our witnesses!  (We also appreciate prayers and good wishes from those of you who have already donated, or who would simply prefer to support us in that way instead!)

We think we need about another $1500 to do this comfortably.  If you feel so inclined, the fastest and cheapest way to help out would be with an Interac Email Money Transfer to

We also have PayPal if you prefer.

And our mailing address is:

Connie Fournier
2000 Unity Rd
Elginburg, ON  K0H 1M0

Since we will be out of town, it would be most convenient if cheques were made out to Connie Fournier so we can have someone at home drop them in the bank.

We are SO grateful to our many friends who have helped us get this far.  Now, finally, after six long years, the finish line is in sight!

We promise to go in there and put up a fight that is worthy of the faith you have shown in us!  Stay tuned!

PS If you can make it to the court to see any of the hearing, we’d love to see you!  We even have some extra Warman vs John Doe t-shirts if you ask us for one!   🙂

Hearing days are September 9-13th, September 16-18th, and September 23-25th at the Elgin St. Court in Ottawa!

Fondest Regards,
Connie Fournier
Free Dominion