A Message From OpenMedia.ca:

This could be it.

For the first time, the Presidents and Prime Ministers of 12 powerful countries — including Canada’s Stephen Harper — will meet behind closed doors to seal an extreme Internet censorship plan called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)1

We know from leaked drafts2 that the TPP will make the Internet more expensive, censored, and policed. Experts say “kids could be sent to jail for downloading” and whole families could be kicked off the Internet.3

World leaders plan to “conclude the TPP discussions” in just a few days.4 Will Stephen Harper feel the pressure from industry lobbyists – or will he feel the pressure from you? Send decision-makers a powerful message before it’s too late.

Canadian MPs, citizens, and public interest groups are locked out of the negotiations entirely. Despite blocking Canadian parliamentarians from seeing the agreement, U.S. Congressmen are allowed to see exactly what’s on the table.5

We’re asking Canada’s officials to please:

Say no to Internet censorship.

  • Protect the right of everyone to access the Internet in their daily lives.
  • Do not force ISPs to act as “Internet Police” monitoring our Internet use, censoring content, and removing whole websites.6
  • Preserve the democratic rights of sovereign countries to draft their own copyright laws.

U.S. lobbyists don’t have the best interests of Canadians at heart. If we don’t speak up now these secretive, unfair, and unbalanced negotiations will lead to a terrible deal for Canada.

Our public outcry has stopped TPP officials from finalizing the agreement but now powerful interests are pressuring political leaders to ram through their Internet censorship plan.

Thousands of people and over 30 major organizations from across the Trans-Pacific region are working together to keep the Internet open. High ranking politicians from several countries are beginning to ask questions7.

We know that when citizens speak out, decision-makers take notice. We cannot allow U.S. lobbyists to define Canada’s digital future. Click here to send a simple message to Canada’s negotiators: Please say no to Internet Censorship.

Together, we won’t let them take away our digital rights.

For our future,

Steve and Jason on behalf of your vigilant OpenMedia team

PS: The Internet won’t stay open on its own; speak out now to call on TPP negotiators to preserve our digital future. Your support is critical in the fight to defend the possibilities of the open Internet.



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[2] Leaked draft of TPP Intellectual Property Chapter. Source: Knowledge Ecology International

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[6] “TPP Creates Legal Incentives for ISPs to Police the Internet. What is at risk? Your rights.” Electronic Frontier Foundation

[7] “International Criticism Escalates Against TPP as Negotiations Go Further Underground” Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation

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