Baglow v Free Dominion has become an Internet test case!

From Connie and Mark Fournier:


New news in the Baglow Trial

The court has now appointed an expert witness (that the parties have to pay for), and the “three-day” trial that turned into seven, now has seven additional daysscheduled in September!!

It is obvious that the court is serious about wanting to make case law regarding internet defamation, and that Baglow vs Free Dominion is now the test case.  We are doing our best to make sure that the decision is one that will help put an end to frivolous internet defamation lawsuits for good!

We’ve started a fundraiser to help pay for the court-appointed expert and for the additional court days.

You can help us by making a donation and/or by sharing our fundraiser link on your social networks!

The outcome of this case is important to all of us!

We can add offline donations to our fundraiser total now, so, if you prefer:

You can use PayPal by clicking this link:  Donate

If you feel more inclined, you can also help out using an Interac Email Money Transfer to .

Alternatively, our mailing address is:

Connie Fournier
2000 Unity Rd
Elginburg, ON  K0H 1M0

As always, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated more than anything else!  Thank you so much for your faithful support! 

Fondest Regards,
Connie and Mark


One Response to “Baglow v Free Dominion has become an Internet test case!”

  1. Maikeru Says:

    ‘Baglow v. Smith’ is a hugely important cyber-dispute.

    I’m familiar with both parties through their respective online pseudonyms DrDawg and Peter O’Donnell.
    I’ve met Smith in person.

    ‘Baglow v. Smith’ arose from an online flame war between two opinionated commentators over short time and on several different internet sites – including FreeDominion.

    Plaintiff Baglow claims he was defamed by Defendent Smith during the course of several postings, and is seeking some compensation from Smith – and the Fourniers of FreeDominion – via the Courts.

    The Claim was initially dismissed, with costs to the Defendent(s). Baglow appealed that ruling, and doubled down on what is likely a frivolous gamble with the Courts.

    The Court, in turn, wants the parties to fund an expert opinion to help the person hearing the claim to understand what the hell the Plaintiff is going on about.

    Any person who posts or hosts opinions online in Canada are represented in some way by the parties involved, and should help support the funding of a mutually agreeable ‘expert opinion’, as requested of the parties by the Courts.

    Beyond that
    Support Smith, and the Fournier’s of FreeDominion.
    FreeDominion’s just another word for FreeDomofexpression

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