John Baglow vs. Freedom of Speech

Connie and Mark Fournier have won!!!

Most awesome news!!!

I’m off to read the ruling here – will comment more (and finally post the missing write-ups) soon!

UPDATE:  Here is what Jay Currie has to say about this ruling.

MORE UPDATE:  Here are my initial thoughts after having read the full ruling.  They’re not happy thoughts…

2 Responses to “John Baglow vs. Freedom of Speech”

  1. Aubrey Garrett Says:

    When I read the judgement and reflected back on the long long days of trial I thought of your contribution towards the win.
    It was your day to day reporting that kept all of us in the ”loop”.
    This was important as you did the work that the MSM should have been doing.
    The donations kept coming because you kept the issue on the front burner.
    Thank you for your work.

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