Heckler’s veto reigns supreme in Toronto

A political protest against ISIS was held in Toronto, by PEGIDA CANADA in conjunction with RISE CANADA.

A group of counter-protesters turned from loud to threatening violence – so, the police shut the event down.

Yes – those threatening violence were shut down, much to the cheers of the crowd threatening violence against peaceful and orderly demonstrators, some even calling for police to shoot the protesters.

It is important to note that the PEGIDA CANADA and RISE CANADA were peaceful and lawfully exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

The police gave in to the loud and potentially violent crowd and prevented the lawful group from exercising their constitutional rights,

The role of the police is to ensure that all citizens can – are truly able to – exercise their constitutionally guaranteed fights and freedoms.  In this particular case, the only lawful conduct for the police would have been to hold back the loud crowd that was threatening violence and, should anyone escalate to actual violence, to arrest that lawbreaker.

Instead, the police chose to side with violent thugs and penalize the lawful, peaceful citizens for something a different group had done and threatened to do.

This is not right – this is so very not right!

For the video, please follow the link below (I’ve had difficulty embedding from LiveLeak)


Yet, it is increasingly the new normal…

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