First videos from massive protests in the Czech Republic and Slovakia today are beginning to trickle in

Today, the 28th of October, 2015, saw massive, co-ordinated, anti-migrant protests throughout the Czech and Slovak republics.

Our sources say that the videos from these demonstrations and rallies are coming in and I will bring them to you as they become available.

Added up, over the cities and municipalities and even villages, the protests counted hundreds of thousands of people (according to our best estimates – even though the mainstream media have predictably downplayed these numbers by one or two orders of magnitude).

For example, here is RT’s coverage of the protest in Brno, the capital of Moravia:

(Sorry, still unable to embed into WordPress from LiveLeak…please follow the link.)

More to come in the coming days!!!

3 Responses to “First videos from massive protests in the Czech Republic and Slovakia today are beginning to trickle in”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Well, at least the Czechs and the Slovaks have the balls to protest!

    Meanwhile, this video is shocking a lot of people on this side of the pond:

    The forced collective suicide of European nations

    But what shocks them? The swarm of locusts overrunning Europe?


    They are shocked because the video is so hateful and racist as to suggest that nothing good can come of allowing this Muslim horde into Europe.

    Just yesterday, we witnessed the spectacle of 130 dead and 350 wounded by attacks carried out in Paris by three coordinated teams of Jihadis.

    The authorities wring their hands and make it a priority “to find out where they came from.” And they’re not wasting any time! They have already identified one of the attackers as… a 29-year-old Frenchman.

    That’s right. A Frenchman, they say.

    And what was this Frenchman’s name?

    Omar Ismaïl Mostefai.

    But we mustn’t jump to any conclusions that might slow down the Muslim horde.

    Because, you know, it’s hateful and racist to resist being overrun by a swarm of locusts.

    • xanthippa Says:

      Quite right, CodeSlinger, quite right.

      I’ve not blogged about this for one simple reason – I’ve been swamped doing translations of the events into Czech, for broadcast over Czech Independent TV as well as other sources, because their audience is not only much larger than mine, but also these are the very Europeans whose lives are being threatened as their countries are being invaded by a foreign army.

      They must know.

      So, instead of being yet another tiny voice, I have focused my efforts on bringing the truth to those who need to know.

      Also, while the Paris attacks were underway, a man in Toronto was loudly denouncing ISIS and their Islamic teachings – and was assaulted by bystanders. On a busy Friday night, when even serious assault cases are not responded to by police for an hour or two, within minutes, five or six squad cars surrounded this brave man.

      Not to protect his right to free speech, nor to arrest those clearly caught on video assaulting him.


      They came to arrest him – for ‘hate speech’ against ISIS…

      How do I get off this planet?


      • CodeSlinger Says:

        Wow. Just… Wow.

        Do you have a link to the news about this? I can’t find anything about it.

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