‘Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal’

When the news of the gangs of adult ‘Asian’ males systematically grooming, seducing, then raping or prostituting underage British girls broke out. I paid attention.

I read all the news articles and many blogs.
I soon learned that ‘Asian’ was a code word for ‘Muslim’.
I soon learned that most of the victims were white girls – and that when Sikh girls were targeted, the Sikh community took matters into their own hands and there was violence between them and the Muslim perpetrators of this crime.
And, I soon learned that the reason why the authorities had failed to lift a finger to protect these girls was because their abusers were almost all Muslims and the authorities were terrified of being accused of ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’…
But, until I read Peter McLoughlin’s bookEasy Meat:  Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal’, I had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole went!
In this excellent and meticulously documented book, Peter McLoughlin first demonstrates the breadth and depth of the problem – and the dimensions are staggering.  He even quotes a retired police officer who remembers these grooming gangs from as far back as 1978.  And while the practice may not have been widespread in the late 1970’s, by the 1980’s, it was recognized as a significant problem.  He demonstrates this by pointing out the organizations that had sprung up in the late 80’s specifically to combat this crime.
The author explains how the child rapists used the accusation of ‘racism’ to drive a wedge between the targeted child and her family, how they manipulated and emotionally blackmailed these girls only to resort to violence and actual blackmail where the former had failed.
Once he has explained just how and when this crime was happening, the author then demonstrates the ways in which the authorities – some set up specifically to protect vulnerable young children from sexual predators – have failed the children.  From teachers turning a blind eye to frequent absences to social workers excusing the crime by claiming that these clearly underage (some as young as 11) girls may have consented to having sex with multiple adult men, to police officers refusing to even look at evidence meticulously collected by parents desperately seeking help for their troubled daughters.
Nobody in position of authority dared speak out and Muslim organizations labelled the numerous complaints brought forward as ‘racist propaganda’.
Of course, the people working in these positions of authority were right in fearing to accuse Muslim men of raping and prostituting underage girls:  as is explained and documented in the book.  The atmosphere of fear of criticizing anything related to Islam which currently reigns in the once Great Britain is real and palpable.  In the next part of the book, the author explains (and documents) how this came about and how a generation of British children was sacrificed on the altar of Multiculturalism.
Do you know about the role of the EDL in bringing this crime to public attention?  Until I read ‘Easy Meat’, I didn’t either.
Last, but not least, the author meticulously documents the attitudes that exist towards women, female children and sexuality in the Islamic culture, historically and today.  This no-holds-barred look at Islamic culture, as it is lived in today’s Britain, examined and documented, supplies the answer to how this could have taken place in a 21-st century civilized country, why grown men would feel no guilt in treating young girls as horrifically as these grooming gangs do.
This is a most illuminating book, which is bound to get banned because it is too well documented to be refuted.
Read it while you can!!!

5 Responses to “‘Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal’”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    “When Sikh girls were targeted, the Sikh community took matters into their own hands and there was violence between them and the Muslim perpetrators of this crime.”


    Angry Sikh men with Kirpans put the fear of Oankar into these Muslim pimps, and thereby preserved their daughters’ safety and honour.

    Unlike the psychologically castrated white guys, who did the “responsible” thing:

    They meekly watched these Muslim pimps turn their daughters into crack whores, while pleading with the authorities for help that they knew would never come.

    I rest my case.

    As I said in this thread on the culture of victimhood:

    As soon as you deny a man’s right and obligation (!) to defend his own honour, person and property, those of his family, and those of his people, you begin the inexorable slide into decadence and decrepitude.

    The idea, that you should never resort to violence – that you should never take matters into your own hands, that appealing to authority is the responsible thing to do – removes the final barrier to the uncontrolled, cancerous growth of the authoritarian governance machine, whether of the left or the right.

    The truth is the exact opposite: self-reliance is the moral and responsible way to live. You should never call for help until all other options have been exhausted.

    People with a sign on their door, saying we don’t call 911 have the right idea.

    Fight your own battles.

    Bury your own dead.

    Ignore the governance machine.

    • xanthippa Says:


      There is more to it.

      When the Sikhs rioted, it was impossible to frame the violent protection of their daughters as ‘racism’…and, indeed, there was no stigmatization of the Sikh community for this vigilantism.

      The book acknowledges that, at some point when white girls were targeted, there were some incidents called ‘race riots’ where white right-wing-extremist xenophobes and Islamophobes became violent against the poor Muslims… However, the government soon put an end to that and it is impossible to get any data on these ‘race riots’ from official sources.

      However, they did occur at a time when and where the grooming gangs were very active – before being categorically and swiftly stamped out by the government. And, since this book is all about documented facts, the author mentions the co-incidence and speculates about the possible co-relation while stressing that it is his speculation that these ‘race riots’ were the same thing by white parents as what the Sikhs did earlier.

      Note: I don’t recall this from the book, but from a report of what came out in one of the trials. A father came to a house where his daughter was being gang raped and banged on the door, trying to get in and come to her defense. The police came and arrested – the father.

      Yes, the father.

      Now, back to the book: I ask if people know what role the EDL (English Defense League) had played in making the scandal public knowledge and forcing the authorities to act. Again, the author cautions that the evidence is difficult to acquire, but, he nonetheless notes that it does indeed appear that EDL played a key role here.

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    Well, there you go: when Sikhs do it, they’re just being Sikhs, but when white men do it, they’re obviously being racist, extremist, and phobic of everything.

    This censure has precisely the psychologically castrating effect I mentioned. This is why it took the whites longer to take the actions which the Sikhs took immediately.

    And this effect gets worse with every passing generation. Can you imagine today’s young social justice weenies taking such actions? Not on your life. They would follow the lead of this pathetic loser and feel guilty if these Muslim pimps were to get deported.

    Notice, by the way, that it wasn’t until the whites took matters into their own hands that the government was finally forced to do something about the problem.

    Once again, I rest my case.

    The only way to bring the governance machine to heel is to show it we don’t need it.

    Starve the beast.

    Ask nothing from it.

    Give nothing to it.

    It will submit.

    • xanthippa Says:


      In a bit of good news, some friends of mine had, two weeks ago, started a fundraising campaign for Tommy Robinson’s legal defense fund and raised $20K, some of which was used to hire him a first class barrister for his yesterday’s court appearance.

      Why did Tommy Robinson have to go to court yesterday?

      Because when this founder of the English Defense League was in jail on trumped up charge of mortgage fraud, the authorities put him in the Muslim wing of the jail. Surprisingly, once there, Tommy had no protection from his fellow inmates and when one attempted to pour boiling water on him, he fought back. For this, he was charged with assault – and had to appear before the court yesterday to face this charge.

      Luckily, with his new good barrister, the charges were soundly thrown out by the judge!

      I really need to write this up, but first I need to rest up from 2 days of a lot of activity… Still, everyone was jubilant on Tommy’s behalf last night, especially since 2 of the people most responsible for the fundraiser were there!

      • CodeSlinger Says:


        This is very good news!

        Tommy Robinson is exactly the kind of guy who can forge a credible bridge to some of the White Pride groups.

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