The Church of Kopimism

Belief in the moral goodness of file-sharing is now protected, just like any other religious creed, as the Missionary Church of Kopimism becomes an officially recognized religion.

In Sweden – for starters.  From their website:

* All knowledge to all
* The search for knowledge is sacred
* The circulation of knowledge is sacred
* The act of copying is sacred.

(Though not recognized as an official religion in Canada, their Canadian site is here.)

Please,  share the video of the first Kopimist wedding:

As big business and big government continue to merge into one corrupt pile of steaming dung, freedom of speech will continue be curbed by commercial laws as much as by any others:  it is now that we must recognize that the very concept that ‘ideas’ – in any form – may be ‘owned’ is outrageous,  immoral and indefensible.  It is precisely in order to protect our freedom of speech that we must fight against any attempt to limit the freedom to spread ideas and information freely.

We do not make up our minds about ‘things’ based on facts – we can only make up our own minds up based on the facts we know – on the information available to us.  Without free, unfiltered access to informtion and ideas – all ideas – we are robbed of the very capacity to think freely.

Though I generally see religions (theistic or not) as intrinsically evil, I hope this new religion will be a useful tool in this war!