Catching up on what the pesky Islamists have been up to…

Lately, my browser keeps crashing – because I have just way too many windows open.

But, I cannot possibly close them:  each one is about something important that had happened that I really need to blog about…  Except that – I am an exceptionally slow thinker and, as an Aspie, an even slower writer.  Sometimes, it takes me hours just to squeeze out 2-3 hundred words about what is going on in the world….

But, if I close the windows with the stories in them, I know so much other blogging-worthy stuff will happen, I will never get back to them.  So, until I deal with them, I need to keep the windows open!

Something has to give:  even though I’d love to write a full post on each and every one of these stories, I simply cannot.

So, I have closed most of the windows (ack!!!) and will take this opportunity to bring just a few (hopefully somewhat) representative ones with just a brief comment on each:

OK – this one is not Islamic – it is tribal African, but it is an abuse of girls in an effort to make them ‘chaste’ by disfiguring them….breat ironing?  Really?  How can anyone do this to their child… makes my blood boil!  It’s right up there with FGM…which is why I am including the video here.