Squirrel Watchers – part 3

For a little enjoyment, here is the laterst look at ‘the Squirrel Watchers’.

The loud sound as the clip opens is made by the Blue Jay:  he yells like this if we are too slow to put out food for him.  He’ll even sit on our window sill and make this sound…. and last Friday, I guess I was just not fast enough for his liking, so he flew just inside my back door, made this screeching sound, turned around in mid-air and flew out again!

The squirrels had learned that when the Blue Jay makes his little screech, my hubby will put out almonds – something the squirrels much prefer to peanuts or sunflower seeds.  So, last summer, there was one squirrel which actually learned to immitate that sound!!!  It was not as loud, and a little lower pitched, but unmistakeable!  That same squirrel also learned to immitate our neighbour’s little yappy dog’s barking…  Who would have thunk it that squirrels could be multilingual!

If you are wondering about the rabbit’s expression – he was getting jelaous that the I – and perhaps more importantly, the camera – was paying attention to things other than himself….  Typical:  if you are paying attention to him, he gets suspicious.  If you are not, he gets jelaous.

Anyhow, I hope that the little bit of backyard entertainment will be a pleasant interlude in your information-filled day.

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