Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow – only one of the many victims of Sharia

It is inconcievable that a 13-year old should be publically executed.

It is unthinkable to stone a woman to death for the ‘crime’ of having been raped.

My mind is having incredible difficulty wrapping itself around the fact that both of these happened to the same person – Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow

What happened to this child is outrageous, and inexcusable and we must all work hard to make sure it never happens again!  And the way Aisha’s execution (can it even be called ‘execution’ when we are talking about a 13-year-old child?) is being reported – that is a crime in itself!

Just in case you are not familiar with this child’s suffering and murder, I wrote about it earlier.  She had been gang-raped, and when she sought ‘justice’ by filing a complaint with the police, she found out the hard way that her town had just come under ‘Sharia law’.  Her complaint menant that she was ‘admitting’ to have ‘engaged in extramarital sexual inercourse’, and that ‘justice’ demands that she be stoned to death…

Sharia is NOT an acceptable ‘law’ for any human being to be subjected to!  (Pay attention, all Brit readers, you have recently stripped human rights from a group of your own citizens, living in Britain – including a friend of mine – their only crime was being a Muslima!!!  Every single one of you should be ashamed of yourselves, until you get this abomination overturned!)

So, let us hear what life under Shari REALLY is…

How could it happen that the ‘legal courts’ would think that a 13-year-old can even ‘commit adultery’?  A ‘child’ can be abused by someone, but she cannot ‘commit adultery’!  Only an adult woman can ‘commit adultery’ – and then, only if she consents to a sexual act. 

How can it be that under Sharia, a 13-year-old would be considered ‘adult woman’?  Is this just some sort of a mistake?  Or, is it that under Sharia, it is perfectly legal for 13-year-old children to be ‘wives’???  After all, some ‘western’ reports called her ‘MRS. Aisha Dhuhuluw’…

So, what exactly is this ‘baby-wife’  ‘special case’?

But, that was a Christian’s interpretation.  He could be ‘twisting’ Islam…  To be fair, we should listen to what Islamic experts on marriage have to say on this topic:

Of course, this is only happening in the ‘far away’ countries ‘nobody cares about’!!!!  Right???  Oh, yes – and Britain – because Britain has instituted Sharia ‘law’ for British Muslims as the legal code for such things as ‘family law’ – which includes ‘marriages’. 

Here is what ‘marriage’ under ‘Sharia’ is like, from the child-wife’s point of view:

IF you are one of those sick enlightened people who think it’s OK for women in ‘far away’ places to suffer – and, please, do NOT count me among these people – then think again:

Far from being slowly but surely eradicated – these ‘Sharia attitudes’ are NOT the norm in fewer and fewer places…. To the contrary!  They are spreading, as Islamists (NOT respectable Muslims, but Islamists) spread their hateful and opressive ways throughout the world.

It is up to us, the adults, to protect our children.  All our children.  It is too late for Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow – but it is not too late to save others from Aisha’s fate!  If Sharia ‘law’ permits THIS to happen to children, then it is up to every single one of us to oppose this abomination perversely called Sharia ‘Law’!

Update:  The people who committed this crime against Aisha may have largely been funded by Brits!

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14 Responses to “Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow – only one of the many victims of Sharia”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Hello, xanthippa. Don’t know if you heard about these other two cases:
    Pakistani rewarded for honor killing with three child brides (aged 10, 11 and 13):
    Tasleem Solangi who was accused of adultery after her father stated he was not going to sell part of his own little farm to her father-in-law. She was first mauled by dogs and then shot:
    I wrote about the last one in the blog, but this is the most complete account of what happened.

    Yes, Claudia, I have read about them… Perhaps that is why the outrage I feel that this is allowed to happen has been building and had boiled over in me – as you can read in my post. What – in my mind – sets this one apart from the rest is that the ‘legal system’ had changed in her home town: her expectation of receiving justice is what got her stoned to death…and the complicity of the Western media in their failure to accurately tell her story. But, of course, she is by no means the only woman suffering under Sharia!

  2. Claudia Says:

    OK, xanthippa, I posted the links because not a lot of people know about those…

    Perhaps that is why the outrage I feel that this is allowed to happen has been building and had boiled over in me – as you can read in my post.

    Do you know what enrages me?? That normal Western people (specially women) are not even moved by these killings. They just consider this people very far away, from under-developed countries and so, it’s not that they merit these terrible deaths, just that they are used to. It’s just a way not to do anything about it.
    We have everything in life: these girls have nothing. Most of them have suffered clitoridectomy, are married against their will when they are girls, aren’t allowed to study or even to read or write, are considered second-class citizens, etc. But Western women (specially feminists 🙄 ) can’t spare ten minutes of their precious lives denouncing this.
    It’s outrageous for me that kind of self-centered behaviour. But I have seen it too much later not to consider it.
    If the West is falling, don’t blame the Islamists. It’s the Western people who are falling.

    Yes, Claudia, you are completely correct.

    That is where you and I and others like us come in – we must tell their stories, show their faces, teach the world their names…. Perhaps then they will no longer be just nameless, faceless statistics – but the individuals, the human beings, worthy of respect and basic human rights!

    Feminists in the ‘West’ – they were ideologically corrupt long before the Islamist threat came along…. Instead of fighting for equal rights, for an even playing field, they turned into feminazis who only sought to grab a bigger piece of the pie for themselves and called anyone who sought to put a limit to their greed ‘oppressor’. I have ALWAYS refused to have anything to do with them – once even I refused to continue with a job interview when I found out they were looking for ‘female applicants only’! There was no way I was going to ‘be a quota’! I had skills that were better than that! (And, ironically – or perhaps because of my attitude, I had been successfull in two very different, male-dominated fields!)

    No, the Western feminists are a lost cause – they have believed their own tales of their victimization, which have crippled themselves intellectually and emotionally. We must not expect them to care about anything other than their next government grant, or where they’ll find the next ‘straw-man oppressor’ to justify that grant.

    But REAL people ‘out there’ – actual men and women who think for themselves and are not slaves to an ideology – these people WILL realize what is going on. They WILL care. They WILL stand up and put pressure on governments that WILL result in improved conditions for these children and women and men (for there are many men who are victims here, too)!

    It’s just finding them that is difficult…


  3. erik Says:

    I totally agree with what you are saying, we that DO care have to fight these crimes of violence and oppression, and give the victims a voice and a face to the world. I believe we need to support each other in the quest to spread the information as the mainstream media is failing in that regard.
    I have started a blog solely about crimes of violence, particularly against woman.
    About Aisha, I now want to find more information about her and what happened during the stoning.
    Is there a foto of her to give her a face to the world?
    Which were the sisters that examined here during the stoning? I like to speak with them.
    Will any military or policiary action be taken from the U.S or any other part to capture the criminals and have them punished?
    Where can I find a real video of a stoning to show the world how it looks like?

    X: @Erik
    Good for you! We need as many voices as we can get!!!

    To answer your questions:
    I do NOT know of any photo of Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow. If I did, I would have posted it – I, too, think it is important that we give these victims a face! If anyone finds one, please, let me know.

    I have not come upon any information as to who were the ‘nurses’ that examined Aisha for signs of life, or if the ‘nurses’ were male or female, medics, medical nurses or if the term ‘nurses’ is even valid according to our ‘Western’ expectations.

    I doubt any action will be taken by any government, for several reasons:
    1. She is already dead. Governments MIGHT be pressured to intervene to save a life, not afterwards.
    2. This occurred in a city ‘held by rebel forces’ – so, there really is no ‘official body’ (on an international, diplomatic scale) to pressure!!!

    To find videos of stonings, try YouTube: type ‘stoning’ or ‘Islamic stoning’ or ‘Islamist justice’ into the search window. I find these too gruesome myself….I know, I am ‘soft’.

    Good luck, Erik!


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  5. ilaria Says:

    I could not sleep for days after reading about Aisha’s tragedy. I would have wanted to bring flowers to her grave, but there was no grave to be reached. I felt so powerless!
    But then I got the idea that we should all try and create a wave of sweetness and kindness in the love of Aisha, all over the world. May her death not have been in vain. Let us transform it into a stimulus to spread lovingkindness.
    I decided to buy a bunch of white flowers and offer one of them, together with a 5 dollar bill and a piece of candy,to every homeless person I woud find at the railway station,
    mentioning Aisha’s name and sending her a blessing every time.
    I also made an offer to Amnesty international to honor her name.
    Let us all do something, let us create a wave of white flowers and of kind actions so as to try and counterbalance the horror of her death. And let us pray for her, telling her we all love her.

  6. Laura Says:

    You are so racist. You cannot judge other cultures, you narrow-minded bigot!!! RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! YOU ARE RACIST! I HOPE YOU SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS HER, you racist white bigot!!

  7. ilaria Says:

    Dear Laura,
    every culture can and should be criticised, if there has to be any hope for growth. Growth towards a universal culture of COMPASSION.

    The whites did and do many cruel things for which I feel embarassed and distressed, and which I would never dare defend.
    I am open to accept your criticism of anything the whites have done which clashes with the sense of compassion. And I know that enormous reparation should be made.

    But let’s stop playing holier than thou. Cultures are like people: they all have their precious gifts and their painful contradictions. Let us all be open to anything which can help us solve our contradictions and shed pain.

    Wishing you peace


  8. cfpatryck Says:

    Dear Ilaria

    Many thanks for providing an opportunity to reflect on this vile injustice and to express our outrage. Sadly, nothing can be done to restore the innocent life of thirteen year old, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, but your example should lead all decent, caring people to understand we are not helpless, and that we should dedicate ourselves to speaking out and doing all we can to coax or coerce offensive regimes to show respect for LIFE, the most fundamental human right.

    Respect for life is not about skin colour, nor is it about ethnicity or religion. It is painful to see those who try to defend injustice must resort to hateful name-calling and threats in the name of ‘culture’ or ‘religion’. Respect for life must transcend all cultural imperatives, especially those which deny women equality before the law.

    For my own part, I shall identify and join an appropriate human rights organization and devote more of my time and energy towards speaking out responsibly against violations wherever they occur. I hope many others will take similar action.

    Thank you.

  9. Judge Says:

    other cultures are and will allways be subject to judgement.
    that’s what cultures do: compete.
    you can be on the positive side of freedom and tolerance, or you can be with the dark side. if not so sure: remain in the wasteland of indecision, the capital of it is the shopping channel.
    both sides use fear, the dark side to enslave humanity – the cultures of freedom to get rid of it.
    and to all the lauras: a death wish will always result in a curse upon yourself, and if you hate many a lot – including yourself – it becomes a legacy, but it is my guess that you already are cursed by hate and fear. you can step out of it at any moment, but you must admit that you were sitting on the devils lap, enjoying the gentle strokes of his claws.

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  11. marianne Says:

    I hope Aisha’s family know we are thinking of them but it will not do much good. Is there nothing we can do to prevent these abuses ? As for Laura, I don’t understand how your mind works. Not only do abused children deserve to be brutally killed but so does Ilaria for being a caring, sensitive person! This is your idea of racism ! I’s like to put your head in a washing machine.

  12. marianne Says:

    Laura, I’d like to put your head in a washing machine. Not only should abused children be brutally killed but so should Ilaria for caring about them. It’s you who are racist and also sexist because you don’t think black women have rights. Sort your warped mind out.

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