The 3rd Annual Free Thinking Film Festival

A treat for those of you either living in Ottawa, or planning a visit here during the festival.  This is the official announcement, which I received via email today:

September 25, 2012
3rd Annual Free Thinking Film Festival!!!

We’ve got an amazing Festival this year!

The Festival will feature four major events:  On November 1st, the Festival will open with “Losing Our Sons”, a poignant tale of two fathers who have lost their sons – one through terrorism, and one through indoctrination.  On November 2nd, the Festival features the Canadian premiere of “Death by China”, a film about the increasingly destructive economic trade practices of a rapidly rising China with author Greg Autry in attendance.  On Saturday, November 3rd, Producer Michael King will be on hand to introduce the film, “The Rescuers” about diplomats who saved Jews during the Holocaust, and the Festival will end with a tribute to Raoul Wallenberg – a celebration of his 100th birthday in association with B’nai Brith Canada.Other films include “The Invisible Men,” about the plight of gay Palestinians; “Windfall,” about the pitfalls of wind power; “Freedom’s Fury,” a look at the “blood in the water” water polo match between the Soviet Union and Hungary at the Olympics in 1956; “Their Eyes Were Dry,” a film about the massacre of teenagers in Ma’alot in Israel by Palestinian terrorists in 1974; “Occupy Unmasked,” a hard look at the Occupy movement; “21 Brothers,” a Canadian film about World War I; “The Red Chapel,” a comedy that exposes North Korea’s totalitarian system; “Putin’s Kiss”, a documentary on the brutality of the Putin regime; “Winston Churchill:  Walking With Destiny,” examines why Winston Churchill’s legacy continues to be relevant in the 21st Century; “Why Is It Hate?,” Martin Gladstone’s film on why Queers Against Israeli Apartheid bring a message of hate to Toronto’s Gay Pride; and many, many other films.

In addition, three authors will be in Ottawa to launch their books.  Bruce Bawer, the acclaimed American author, will read from his new book, “The Victims Revolution:  The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind;” Pierre Desrochers will present on two of his books:  “The Locavore’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000-mile Diet”, and “The False Crises of Rachel Carson:  Silent Spring at 50”, and Arpad Szoczi will present his book, “Timisoara – The Real Story Behind the Romanian Revolution.”

Trailer - 3rd Annual Free Thinking Film Society 2012
Trailer – 3rd Annual Free Thinking Film Society 2012

The complete list of events can be seen at

Festival passes are available for $75 and can be purchased either online or at the following retailers – Compact Music (785 Bank, 190 Bank), Collected Works (1242 Wellington), and Ottawa Festivals (47 William Street).  Day passes will also be available for sale.

Some Amazing Speakers Coming to Ottawa for the Festival! 

  • Martin Gladstone, Producer of “Why Is It Hate”, a documentary about how Queers Against Israeli Apartheid bring a message of hate to Toronto Gay Pride.
  • Yariv Mozer, Director of “The Invisible Men”, a documentary about the plight of gay Palestinians who have run away from their families and are hiding in Israel.  CANADIAN PREMIERE.
  • Greg Autry, Author of the book, “Death By China” will be here to talk about his new documentary of the same name.  CANADIAN PREMIERE.
  • Michael King, Producer of the film “The Rescuers” in which historian Martin Gilbert teams up with a survivor of the Rwandan genocide to interview diplomats who saved Jews during the Holocaust.
  • Pierre Desrochers, Professor at the University of Toronto, will be presenting on his two new books:  “The Locavore’s Dilemma:  In Praise of the 10,000 mile Diet” and “Silent Spring at 60:  The False Crises of Rachel Carson”.
  • Bruce Bawer, acclaimed American Author, will be in Ottawa to launch his new book:  “The Victim’s Revolution:  The Rise of Identity Politics and the Closing of the Liberal Mind.”
  • David Matas, attorney for the B’nai Brith and Human Rights Activist, will be presenting the latest research on the fate of diplomat Raoul Wallenberg – the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust in Hungary.
  • Clayton Garrett, Producer of 21 Brothers, a Canadian film about life in the trenches during WW1.  Shot in Kingston, Ontario.
  • Marc Lebuis, author of the website will be in Ottawa to present on the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada.

Major announcement on the Festival next week!

We’ve got yet another book launch for the Festival which we will announce next week.  Stay tuned…this one is going to be a ton of fun.

Macdonald-Laurier Institute
The Great Canadian Debates

Our friends at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute are holding some debates that you should probably attend:

The Great Canadian Debates, a series of four provocative debates exploring some of the most compelling issues to Canadians. Each debate will be presented at the Canadian War Museum and will feature well-known personalities and a moderator. Audience members are invited to get involved by posing questions during a Q&A session and voting for the winning argument. Following the debate, the evening also includes private access to the War Musem’s special exhibit.

We’ll have a table at their next debate which is on October 4th on the CBC.  Come visit us, please!


Free Mobile Applications!

By the way, we now have an Android application and an iPhone application. Just click here to download our Android application (it’s free).

You can click here to get our free iPhone application.

Frederick Litwin
Free Thinking Film Society

P.S.  I plan to donate at least one of my paintings, ‘Aisha’ (inspired by the fate of Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow), to be auctioned off during the festival.

Shafia: a follow-up rant

Now that I have ranted about the Sharia murders for a bit, I would like to offer you a rant on a slightly different aspect of this case…
THE most popular post I have ever written was about Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow.  OK, I have written several, but this one has been to slowed down over the years even though I wrote it up just days after Aisha (or, Aisho, in some spellings) was stoned to death under Sharia, for the crime of having been gang raped.  (As I could not find any picture of Aisha, I painted one.)
Clarification:  the Shafia murders were not, in any way-shape-or-form, Sharia killings!  Quite to the contrary – most pro-Sharia Muslims strictly condemn this ‘honour crime’.  What must be understood that ‘honour killings’ are culture-based (or, more accurately, a symptom of the tribal version of collectivist societies where individuals have not just no rights, but no identity of their own – only the clan/tribe has an identity and the people within it are treated as interchangable cogs), not religion based.  Indeed, most Muslim organizations in Canada, whether pro-Sharia or not, have condemned these murders as unacceptable – and that is a good thing.  However, it should not be misunderstood that under Sharia, these girls and women would have fared much better:  the outrage among the pro-Sharia crowd is because the family made the life-and-death decision rather than presenting their case to the Sharia courts and then submitting the children and women to the death sentence once the Sharia court pronounced them.  Plus under Sharia, these women and children would have been stoned, not drowned…  And, yes, they would not have escaped the death sentence, as one of them actually married without het father’s permission and the other 3 helped her, so under Sharia, they would have been sentenced to death by stoning or lashing.  The only disagreement here is between who has the authority to kill them:  their imam or their father.

What really, really got me angry was not only what had happened to the poor child, Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow (she had reported her rape to the authorities, not realizing that the regular Muslim authorities she had grown up with had been replaced by Al-Shabaab’s radicalized Sharia courts and that reporting she had been raped would earn her the death penalty by stoning), though that was horrific enough.
What added insult to the injury was how it was reported and treated by the ‘Western media’, lead by AP (whose reporter was an eye-witness to the stonitself).
And now, in the Shafia case, the youngest victim, Geeti, was also 13-years-old…yet the headlines proclaim ‘4 women dead’!
13-year-old Geeti and 17-year-old Sahar were both minors. 
Not women!!!
Yes, murders of women are vile and despicable – all murders are.
But the murders of children – and murders of children by their parents – murders of children are extra vile.
Consciously or not, whether to minimize the impact for politically correct reasons or because they are having trouble wrapping their brains around the evil of it, by calling two children ‘women’, the crimes committed agains them are downplayed by the media.
Contrast that with how Omar Khadr is being portrayed by the media:  in order to whip up inflammatory feelings, the media are calling him a ‘child soldier’ – even though, under UN definitions, Omar Khadr (at 15) was neither a child, nor a soldier.
OK – Sahar was 17 and could be considered to be ‘a woman’ under some rules.  But, if the media treats the 15-year-old Khadr as ‘a child’ but treats the 13-year-old Geeti as an adult, I call it a double standard!
One which, I suspect, is strategically adopted by those who simply find suffering of Muslimas to not fit comfortably into their own world view, so they will do all that is in their power to sweep their suffering under the rug, turn a blind eye to and and, most importantly, not permit any objective discussion of it in the public square.
Yes, there is so much more I want to say about this, but I suspect that my rant would only get more ranty…so, let me just leave you with a paraphrased quote from one of my favourite philosophers:  a person’s a person, no matter how small, or female, or Muslim!

July 11th – International Day Against Stoning

How sad that in the 21st century, it is still happening.

People are being stoned to death.

July 11th is the anniversary of the stoning of a woman who had been stoned – while strapped to a stretcher….

And let’s not forget Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow – the 13-year old who was stoned to death for the ‘crime’ of having been gang-raped.  The 1000 spectators tried to rush the executioners, to stop this Sharia-dictated monstrosity, only to have been fired upon with live ammo.  Some were injured, a little boy was killed.  Then, Aisha was stoned…

They dug her up 3 times – to see if she was dead yet:  then re-buried her in the ground up to her shoulders and stoned her  some more.

And she is not alone…

There are many men and women still facing this horrific death.  I admit – words fail me.

One Law For All has more details on the International Day Against Stoning!

White flowers for Aisha

The story of Aisha Ibrahim Duhuhulow – the child who was stoned for the crime of being raped – has really touched me.

The young girl grew up under one application of Sharia, where ‘justice’ meant that rapists are caught and punished.  However, her local Mosque had come under ‘new management’:  the ‘elders’ (Islamic scholars) who now controlled it applied Sharia very, very differently.   Admitting to having been raped was interpreted by them as admitting to having had sexual intercourse outside of marriage, which is punishable by stoning.  And, while stoning her, the cleric, Sheik Hayakallah, continued to praise ‘sister Aisha’ for ‘wanting Sharia and its punishment to apply’!

And THIS is why Sharia – even if it were fully compatible with ‘Western’ laws and principles (which it is not) – is UNACCEPTABLE !!!

This ‘Islamic Law’ and its applications are not consistent:  the local Islamic leader has the authority to interpret it in any way he deems to be correct!  (This does not even take into consideration that there is no consensus as to what training (if any) a person requires in order to be an Imam or an ‘Islamic scholar’.  Currently, any man who considers himself to be knowledgeable of the Koran and the Sunnah can declare himself to be  an Islamic scholar and act as an Imam.)

Thus, a simple change of Imams at a Mosque could completely change the rules under which are ‘the laws’ which govern every aspect of public and private behaviour in the local community.  And, the people might remain completely unaware how the changed interpretation of Sharia will be meted out:  unaware, that is, until someone like Aisha gets stoned for having been raped!

THAT, in my never-humble-opinion, is a big problem!

As for Aisha, not only was her story criminally mis-reported (at first), she herself has remained faceless:  no amount of Googling has revealed any pictures online of the unfortunate girl.  (If you find one – please, let me know!)

Since I could not find a picture of her, I decided to paint one…  this is my impression of ‘Aisha’:


Then, someone posted this comment about Aisha:

I could not sleep for days after reading about Aisha’s tragedy. I would have wanted to bring flowers to her grave, but there was no grave to be reached. I felt so powerless!
But then I got the idea that we should all try and create a wave of sweetness and kindness in the love of Aisha, all over the world. May her death not have been in vain. Let us transform it into a stimulus to spread lovingkindness.
I decided to buy a bunch of white flowers and offer one of them, together with a 5 dollar bill and a piece of candy,to every homeless person I woud find at the railway station,
mentioning Aisha’s name and sending her a blessing every time.
I also made an offer to Amnesty international to honor her name.
Let us all do something, let us create a wave of white flowers and of kind actions so as to try and counterbalance the horror of her death. And let us pray for her, telling her we all love her.


What a beautiful idea:  the innocent blossom, plucked before her time!

White Flowers for Aisha

White Flowers for Aisha

This is my take on ‘White Flowers for Aisha‘!  What is yours?

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Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow – only one of the many victims of Sharia

It is inconcievable that a 13-year old should be publically executed.

It is unthinkable to stone a woman to death for the ‘crime’ of having been raped.

My mind is having incredible difficulty wrapping itself around the fact that both of these happened to the same person – Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow

What happened to this child is outrageous, and inexcusable and we must all work hard to make sure it never happens again!  And the way Aisha’s execution (can it even be called ‘execution’ when we are talking about a 13-year-old child?) is being reported – that is a crime in itself!

Just in case you are not familiar with this child’s suffering and murder, I wrote about it earlier.  She had been gang-raped, and when she sought ‘justice’ by filing a complaint with the police, she found out the hard way that her town had just come under ‘Sharia law’.  Her complaint menant that she was ‘admitting’ to have ‘engaged in extramarital sexual inercourse’, and that ‘justice’ demands that she be stoned to death…

Sharia is NOT an acceptable ‘law’ for any human being to be subjected to!  (Pay attention, all Brit readers, you have recently stripped human rights from a group of your own citizens, living in Britain – including a friend of mine – their only crime was being a Muslima!!!  Every single one of you should be ashamed of yourselves, until you get this abomination overturned!)

So, let us hear what life under Shari REALLY is…

How could it happen that the ‘legal courts’ would think that a 13-year-old can even ‘commit adultery’?  A ‘child’ can be abused by someone, but she cannot ‘commit adultery’!  Only an adult woman can ‘commit adultery’ – and then, only if she consents to a sexual act. 

How can it be that under Sharia, a 13-year-old would be considered ‘adult woman’?  Is this just some sort of a mistake?  Or, is it that under Sharia, it is perfectly legal for 13-year-old children to be ‘wives’???  After all, some ‘western’ reports called her ‘MRS. Aisha Dhuhuluw’…

So, what exactly is this ‘baby-wife’  ‘special case’?

But, that was a Christian’s interpretation.  He could be ‘twisting’ Islam…  To be fair, we should listen to what Islamic experts on marriage have to say on this topic:

Of course, this is only happening in the ‘far away’ countries ‘nobody cares about’!!!!  Right???  Oh, yes – and Britain – because Britain has instituted Sharia ‘law’ for British Muslims as the legal code for such things as ‘family law’ – which includes ‘marriages’. 

Here is what ‘marriage’ under ‘Sharia’ is like, from the child-wife’s point of view:

IF you are one of those sick enlightened people who think it’s OK for women in ‘far away’ places to suffer – and, please, do NOT count me among these people – then think again:

Far from being slowly but surely eradicated – these ‘Sharia attitudes’ are NOT the norm in fewer and fewer places…. To the contrary!  They are spreading, as Islamists (NOT respectable Muslims, but Islamists) spread their hateful and opressive ways throughout the world.

It is up to us, the adults, to protect our children.  All our children.  It is too late for Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow – but it is not too late to save others from Aisha’s fate!  If Sharia ‘law’ permits THIS to happen to children, then it is up to every single one of us to oppose this abomination perversely called Sharia ‘Law’!

Update:  The people who committed this crime against Aisha may have largely been funded by Brits!

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