Peace for Khan…


Rest in peace, Ricardo Montalban!

This chilly morning finds us saying good bye to Star Trek’s sexiest villain, Khan, brilliantly brought to like by Ricarcdo Montalban.

The Wrath of Khan was the only Star Trek movie worth the time to watch it – and, in my never-humble-opinion, Ricardo Montalban’s genius in bringing Khan to life is what sets The Wrath of Khan from the other Star Trek Movies.

Of course, Khan was not just part of the movies – he was one of the originals!   His portrayal of the 20th century genetically altered, crygenically preserved villain is one of those classic episodes which made Star Trek the archetypal classic it has become.

Ricardo Montalban was, of course, an accomplished actor before Star Trek – but it is as the brilliantly evil Mr. Khan that he will always live on in my heart.  I hope he finds peace.


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  1. Steynian 309 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] REST IN Peace for Khaaaaan… Rest in peace, Ricardo Montalban! …. […]

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