Send a Christmas card to Minister Clement

Today, this came via email:

As you probably know, Big Internet Service Providers (Bell, Rogers, Shaw, etc.) are trying to take control of how we use the Internet. BUT Industry Minister Tony Clement can put a stop to this. So let’s send him a Christmas card asking him to give Canadians the gift of the Open Internet this holiday season!

Sign the card through Twitter.

Sign the card through Facebook.

Sign it on our site.

Tell Minister Clement to be our Open Internet Santa!

Thousands of people have already told Minister Clement to stop Big Telecom from taking control of our Internet use. Considering we’ve successfully pushed the CRTC to develop open Internet guidelines and convinced the two major political parties to support Net Neutrality, we can win this if we send the minister enough letters. If you haven’t already done so, please take a few seconds to send Tony Clement a letter.

If you’ve already taken action, tell all your friends.

Share on Facebook.

Stay in the loop at and be sure to check out videos of our Open Internet Town Hall Events.

Thank you.

The team

3 Responses to “Send a Christmas card to Minister Clement”

  1. Steyniac 401th « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] XANTH Went to that ‘freedom’ thingy yesterday; and Send a Christmas card to Minister Clement …. […]

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