Are Canadian cops following illegal orders?

This is a frightening thought indeed!

But, from Caledonia – where a police officer is reported ti have broken down in tears at the shame of following an obviously illegal order, as she followed it and  arrested a man who’s only crime was that he tried to go h0me…while his home was in an area illegally occupied by Native protesters, to this incident reported by a citizen-journalist, the blogger Lumpy, Grumpy and Frumpy:

“There exist in Toronto today legally enforced no-go zones for Zionists.

The location and boundaries of these Zionist-free zones are defined at the whim of anti-Zionists and enforced by police.

What had I done? I stood near (but not too close) to a gathering of anti-Israel people. I photographed them as they held their signs and candles on a public sidewalk in a public display of protest which was advertised publicly. I had spoken only when spoken to and then not with any profanity or threats. I did not have any signs, logos, buttons or flags on my person. I did not chant or sing or say anything political. I had called for the police when I felt threatened.

Now, throughout this whole thing, a freelance reporter stood nearby with his large camera and no one stopped him from recording anything and no one made him leave. I was threatened with arrest and made to leave because I was identified as a Zionist whose mere presence was so upsetting that I was guilty of a criminal offense.

Read it and weep! I did…

Thanks to BCF for bringing it to my attention!