Listen – and weep…

Haiti was hit by a horrible earthquake.  This created a tragedy the proportions of which most of us have a hard time wrapping our brains about.

The good part of this is that so many people, all over the world, have done their best to send help to the people of Haiti.  Good on each and every one of you!

Still, when bad stuff like this happens, even when other people try to help, there will be snags.  These are unfortunate, but – they WILL happen!  After all, this place has had so much of its infrastructure destroyed that it is a credit to all those truly ‘trying’ that so much of what needs to be done has been done!

Which is just sad when one looks at what the Clintons are doing….

Hillary Clinton owns a bunch of land in Haiti.  She has planned to put up some extremely fancy hotels there….

Bill Clinton is in charge of a charity through which much of the US aid to Haiti is being channeled…help, like creating tourist jobs in swanky hotels…. You know – like using the `reconstruction`money to put up them hotels your wife always wanted!

Like I said, listen and weep….  (you might want to skip the first few minutes) as John C. Dvorak & Co. `follow the money’.