Small-brested women are banned in Australia

Well, at least from the ‘naughty screen’.


Apparently, the wise tyrants in Australia have ruled that women with a mere cup A breasts are not feminine enough.

Therefore, any naughty scenes in shows or movies which include women who are either not naturally ‘well endowed’ or who don’t get breast implants are ‘promoting pedophilia’.

Images of even women in their late twenties are being banned…  It seems that, in these censor’s eyes, a woman’s femininity is defined by her bra size!

Shame on them!

Oh, and watching cartoon characters ‘do-it’ – well, in Ipswitch, that is ‘kiddie-porn’, too!  It will earn you a place on the ‘sex-offenders list’ for life.

Don’t these people understand how this frivolence diminishes the horrible crime of pedophilia?

Of course, it is a useful pretext for increased censorship, more surveillance, less privacy….  It will not save any children, but it will certainly help crooked politicians control the citizens!

All this makes me so sick…